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UNILORIN Senate Council suspends SUG president for 60 days

Consequently, the union’s vice president, Oseni Islamiat was appointed as the Acting President of the union and recited the Oath of allegiance.
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The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Senate Council has suspended the Students’ Union Government (SUG) president for 60 working days.

The suspension comes following a series of allegations on the president by the council, including “misappropriation of funds, constitutional encroachment, gross misconduct and abuse of office and irregularities in the discharge of his day-to-day activities in the union.”

According to a document seen by Edugist, the senate council summoned the union president for a fair hearing, however the executive president Faaji Tobiloba walked out of the sitting.

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Source: UnilorinSC/Twitter
20230423 093805
Source: UnilorinSC/Twitter

Consequently, the union’s vice president, Oseni Islamiat was appointed as the Acting President of the union and recited the Oath of allegiance.

Reacting to the allegations, the suspended union president said he would “for no reason misappropriate resources meant for the Union and by extension the students of the better by far institution.”

“In the very height of the period when we were faced with transportation issues on campus, and students were frustrated with deadlines for payment of the University Charges (school fees), a sum of six thousand Nigerian Naira (#6,000) meant for the Union was received in CASH from Mr Fatai popularly known as -Baba Wasila, the chairman of Keke Riders Association on Campus. I collected the sum on account of the Unavailability of the Financial Secretary in his office or in the Students’ Union Building on the said day,” Tobiloba explained.

“I kept the money in the locker of my desk at the Students’ Union Building as I could not pass it on to the Financial Secretary at the moment, and I was drawn in by the overwhelming demand to discharge my duties for the days.

“Some days later, I came across the said sum in the locker and approached the Fin. Sec., but surprisingly, he rejected it because I had initially collected it on his behalf and considered it a disregard of his office. After the outburst, I then proceeded to returning the cash to the keke riders chairman. How this becomes misappropriation or overlapping of duties remains unclear,” said Tobiloba.

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