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University withholds officials’ salaries for delaying results

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Ambrose Alli University (AAU), in Ekpoma, Edo State, has suspended the disbursement of salaries for the month of July to a select group of principal officers, alleging their culpability in administrative neglect.

The university’s stance was conveyed through an official communique issued by the Acting Registrar of AAU, Ambrose Odiase, on the 4th of August, 2023.

According to Odiase, the decision to withhold remuneration stems from the “lack of adherence exhibited by certain Deans of Faculty and Heads of Departments in furnishing the result files pertaining to the sessional examinations for the academic year 2020/2021.”

He noted the sluggish pace at which these implicated officials have been engaging in the process of uploading the 2020/2021 examination results onto the university’s digital portal.

The ramifications of these omissions in compliance, or their delayed execution, reverberate in the incapacity to activate the digital portal for the ongoing academic session of 2022/2023. As a supplementary measure, AAU administration has invoked a suspension on all financial solicitations emanating from the Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments, with immediate effect.

Addressing the issue, AAU’s spokesperson, Mike Aladenika, expounded that this course of action has been adopted with a view to fostering the academic progression of students.

The substantial accumulation of pending results awaiting uploading onto the university’s portal had caused considerable consternation within the management. Aladenika expressed the university’s determination to bring about a positive resolution to this impasse, as he emphasized the need for meticulous execution of duties.

The matter of transcript processing within the university has also come under scrutiny.

Aladenika elucidated that the administration acknowledges the egregious nature of the prevailing procedure for handling transcript applications.

To rectify this, the Information Communication Technology Directorate has received a directive to digitise the academic records of students that have not been incorporated into the portal.

In a decisive move, a group involved in unauthorized transcript dealings has been apprehended, and the individuals implicated are currently undergoing disciplinary hearings to ascertain the extent of their transgressions within the institution.

Aladenika confidently asserted that a transformation is underway, marked by a resolve to eradicate noncompliant elements within and outside the university’s administrative framework.

He affirmed the administration’s commitment to reestablishing the institution’s esteemed reputation.

Aladenika also noted that the Special Intervention Governing Council, currently in place, has endorsed the decisions made by the university’s management in pursuit of these rectifications.

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