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Yabatech ranks Nigeria’s best polytechnic for 6th time

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Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) has retained the first position for the sixth time in the biannual Webometrics ranking among polytechnics in the country, released in July 2023.

This is contained in a statement signed on Saturday by the deputy registrar of YABATECH, Lagos, Joe Ejiofor.

Ejiofor said the college also moved up by two steps, displaced other universities, widened the gap between the College and the first runner-up polytechnic by 17 steps, and improved upon its January 2023 position.

According to him, Webometric is a ranking of higher institutions of learning; it uses both Webometric and Bibliometric (research) indicators.

Webometrics ranking is based on web content impact, top-cited researchers, and papers published on research and publication platforms online.

The primary objective is to promote open access to the knowledge generated by institutions.

“This milestone success is attributed to the support the Management has consistently given to relevant research units in the college.

“In particular, by providing the tools needed by the Centre for Information and Technology Management (CITM) to work professionally on the website tailored toward the sensitisation of the academic community.

“This idea was to create an enabling environment so that they can publish their journals on relevant, high-impact platforms,” he said.

Ejiofor noted that the school had implemented strategies to improve its ranking through an increase in the quantity and quality of its web content.

The statement also said that Ibraheem Abdul, rector of YABATECH, on assuming office on May 22, 2023, and in line with his erect agenda, promised to lift the college to the topmost heights of academic excellence.

This, according to the statement, was brought to bear by putting in place the necessary structure that would enable the college to grow and take its place among its global counterparts.


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