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Yidan Prize Africa Chat was a success – Edugist

Yidan Prize Africa Chat was a success – Edugist

Edugist on Sunday hosted the Secretary-General, Edward Ma and Deputy of the Yidan Prize Foundation, Mabel Woo, in a zoom session which also aired on nine radio stations across the continent.

The session themed: “Yidan Prize Africa Chat” aimed to tell audiences across multiple platforms everything they need to know about the Yidan Prize and the nomination process.

Yidan Prize is the largest education prize in the world that recognizes individuals, or up to three-member teams, who have contributed significantly to education research and development. The chat which was also tweeted live provided answers to many questions in the minds of the audience.

About the prize, it is open to partnerships and collaborations that will enable the goals of the Foundation to be met in various localities and regions. The prize is divided into two: cash prize for the nominee and Project money which is aimed at helping the winner achieve his or her project. The nominees are expected to tell the judges the impact their projects will have.

This means that every nominee is expected to submit a two minutes video where the nominee tells judges what he/she will achieve with the Yidan Prize if selected as a Laureate. There are two categories of the Yidan Prize: Education Research and Development.

The session also cleared the air on the notion that the prize was for some specific persons who only have been recognised globally. It Answered questions as to whether education initiatives or scholars without previous recognition can be recognised.

Nominations are welcome from all categories of people and the prize is divided into 2 categories. Everyone is welcome to join no matter the stage of the solution.

The session also did justice to the people’s thoughts on the council of luminaries.

Council of luminaries is established to help researchers continually improve their programs. It is meant to promote collaborations. The various brilliant minds in their fields can come together to achieve even more.

The session responded to the question of whether young people have a voice too in the Yidan Prize since the Laureates so far have been from the older generation.

The Yidan Prize is very interested in the activities of young people. We work together to reduce the rate of dropout of young people from schools by making the curriculum reflect their activities in real life.

The First Doctoral Conference will hold with the University of Oxford to enable young people tell us what they think about the future of education. Five doctoral students will be selected to work with the Laureates and Luminaries to work out future of education.

Conclusively, answering the burning questions on the minds of Africans, the foundation has said that it is making plans to have a conference series in Africa once travel opens up. So far, the Yidan Prize Conference Series have held in Europe (March) and Asia (September) last year.

The nominations for the next Yidan Prize Laureate is currently ongoing and can be accessed here. Also, a webinar session will be coming up on February 9, 2021 to educate people on everything they need to know regarding the nominations and everyone is encouraged to register here.

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