Edugist is an independent impact media telling the story of education in Africa on air, online, community, and in person. Chronicling what’s happening every day in the continent’s education ecosystem, we select the most pertinent headlines from coast-to-coast, provide real-time analysis of developing stories and meet with those making waves in the education world. We cut through the noise and share the most important education news, opinion, radio program, video, podcasts and events.

Education in Africa is not a priority even though you hear all the speeches of the government. At Edugist, we believe that good journalism can be at the heart of Education and that the media can educate rather than sedate its population.

We are leading and driving a new educational conversation using technology and media. Edugist is a community for Everything education; news, students, teachers, parents, school owners, Edtech professionals, vendors, policy makers and everyone playing in the education industry.

We are on a mission; of redefining the education narrative and changing the conversation. Edugist is not just an education-niche media, it is an interposition!

Radio Show

Edugist produces a Talk Show and Podcast ‘The Education Dialogue with Elvis Boniface’ that airs weekly on Radio One 103.5FM Lagos with a nationwide repeat broadcast on Radio Nigeria.

The Education Dialogue amplifies the conversation of improving education, because education is the pivot of our National development. You can support our programming, partner with us and advertise on the show to reach a wider and surest education audience as a business doing so. For more info and to listen to recorded episodes, please click here.


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