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Edugist is a pioneer newsroom & lab covering education, leading change and advancing development in Africa.

Belief Statement

Education in Africa is not a priority even though you hear all the speeches of the government. At Edugist, we believe that good journalism can be at the heart of education and that the media can educate rather than sedate the populace.

Access to a quality education is an important right of all children. Edugist believes that an informed, involved public is necessary to strengthen the education in Africa because it holds the magic wang for the development of the continent. 

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Vision & Mission

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At Edugist, we believe that all children deserve a high-quality education. Guided by this vision, we make it our mission to empower the entire education community, from educators and policymakers to business leaders and beyond. As an expert source of news and opinion, research and analysis, events, and more, we cover issues across the field—offering deeper insights and actionable resources, so our audiences can create a stronger tomorrow for all students.

Education has a voice

Edugist is an independent impact media organization telling the story of education in Africa on air, online, communities, and in person. Chronicling what’s happening every day in the continent’s education ecosystem, our newsroom selects the most pertinent headlines from coast-to-coast, provide real-time analysis of developing stories and meet with those making waves in the education world. We cut through the noise and share the most important education news, opinion, radio programs, video and events.

Edugist is a community for everything education and a platform for all stakeholders; teachers, students, principals, policymakers, education researchers or professors, parents, business leaders, or anyone else deeply involved in the field.

Education has a voice

Our Approach Leading Education Change








Our Newsroom – Education has a Voice

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Edugist Newsroom tells the story of education in Africa on air, online, communities, and in person. Chronicling what’s happening every day in the continent’s education ecosystem, our newsroom selects the most pertinent headlines from coast-to-coast, provide real-time analysis of developing stories and meet with those making waves in the education world.

Our Journalism

Latest News & Investigative Reporting

Our expert team of journalists cover the latest news in education and indepth, investigative education Journalism, determined to get past the bluster and explain the facts.

Expert Opinion and Commentary

A provocative 360-degree view of education from top experts, advocates, educators, parents and students. All voices count in this fight for quality education. Edugist provides the platform.

Video and Multimedia Journalism

Our state-of-the-art studio and creative production team power our immersive visual reporting focused intently on education innovators and the parents and students who rely on them.

Data-Driven and Solutions Journalism

With a staff of full-time researchers, Edugist Research Center conducts original surveys, experiments and in-depth data analyses to close the huge education data gap in Africa. Then advocate for solution and report on the outcome.

Radio and other Channels Engagement

Education as a sector is a late adopter to innovation, education journalism is not an exception. We use all platforms; radio, text through USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) short codes, social media platforms and our vibrant, active WhatsApp group

Community Journalism with Artificial Intelligence

Edugist is a loud voice for ensuring our rural schools get fair education funding and attention so that they can remain the beating hearts of our villages – for equity with quality in education. Our bureau system that gives local parents, teachers & students a voice with our newsroom Artificial Intelligence syndication power our community journalism.

Our Partners

Our media partners allow us to reach the widest possible audience. We produced stories in collaboration with many local and national news organisations both large and small. Because we exist to make education a priority in every newsroom, we work with different media’s education desk on how best to report education and power the education beat of many newsrooms.

Your Voice Counts - Join the Movement

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Our biggest desire at Edugist is to build a movement where everyone contributes, advocates and take ACTION for better education in Africa it.

This is why we launched the Education Voices Network – bringing voices that matters and care about change – parents, educators -teachers, students, researchers, policymakers, business leaders, top experts, advocates and community members who are telling their stories and speaking out for education.

Global Media Partner for African Audience

Over the years, we have become national, continental and global media partner of education events such as WISE – The World Innovation Summit for Education (Qatar), E-Learning Africa Summit (Rwanda, Ivory-Coast, Senegal, BettShow (United Kingdom), Yidan Education Prize (Hong Kong), NEDIS – The Education Innovation Summit (Nigeria), RIAH Education Summit (Nigeria). Outside media partnership, we plan and execute some of the biggest education and development convenings in Africa for partners and clients. You have brief for us? Speak to us here!

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Office Edugist
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Edugist Lab is an innovation hub and research centre for seeking solutions for the myriad of issues in the education, media, creative and technology sector in Africa. Our Lab support international partnerships and provide facilities for startups and varied projects.

The Lab is reputed for incubating university startups and supporting student founders through the Nigerian Student Venture Prize.

Expertise at the lab includes:

  • Education & Media Innovation
  • International Partnerships
  • Research & Development
  • Prototype Development & IP licensing
  • Entrepreneurship education/Start-Up Incubation
  • Human Capital Development
  • Climate Change in Education
  • Wellbeing in Education
  • Co-working spaces, meeting rooms and private offices.


In addition to powering our multimedia journalism, Edugist studio works with partners and clients in government, NGOs, multinationals, top schools and Edtech companies to create content that makes marketing and learning efficient.

We specilaise in impact storytelling, documentary, campaigns & dissemination. Our portfolio includes e-learning, explainers, promo, commercials and corporate videos, podcast solutions, corporate photography and event coverage as well as studio renting service.  Contact our Studio Here.

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Journalism Education & Digital Literacy

Edugist Academy is the trusted pathway for digital literacy, educational leadership and media education. Focus at the academy includes:

  • Media and Information Literacy (MIL)
  • Digital Skills Training
  • Education Technology
  • Teachers Professional Development & Training
  • Early Childhood Education & Development Training
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Traaining (TVET)
  • Career Guidance & Counselling Services in Schools

Edugist Wiz Club

Through Edugist Wiz Club and running in public and private schools nationwide, we are nurturing students to be well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also socially conscious and contributors to society.

The club focuses on subjects such as media and information literacy, global citizenship, climate action, financial literacy, and advocacy against rape, sexual harassment, and assault. Through workshops, seminars, campaigns, and collaborative initiatives, we aim to equip students with practical skills, ethical values, and a global perspective.

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Consulting & Communication Practice

Consulting Communication

By leveraging our deep expertise, data-driven insights, and commitment to innovation and excellence, we seek to be the definitive source of intel-driven solutions and strategic consultancy for individuals, corporates and governments. 

The Growth Team

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Our People Are Our Greatest Assets

Expertise defines us, Passion drives us. As Africa’s premier publisher of education news, analysis and information. Edugist’s reporters, editors, researchers and management have vast expertise in the field, with in-depth knowledge of school-related issues and data, education policy and practise, and the news industry at large.

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