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AAUA alumni association elects new executives

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The Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko (AAUA) Ekiti State branch alumni association has elected new executives.

These newly elected officials are tasked with steering the association’s affairs within the state.

The inauguration ceremony, which drew significant attendance, took place in the state capital, Ado-Ekiti.

The newly elected executives include Segun Adebayo as chairman, Temitope Adigun as secretary, Temitope Olohuniyo as treasurer, and Adeyemi Olajutemu as Public Relations Officer (PRO).

Olumide Olugbemi-Gabriel, the Global President of AAUA Alumni, extended his congratulations to the newly elected executives.

He highlighted the importance of these elections, which were conducted in alignment with directives from the association’s national headquarters.

The objective is to ensure that the branches fulfill their mandates to both the members and the institution.

The association’s global president was represented by O’Seun Ogunsakin, the national publicity secretary, who expressed optimism about the capabilities of the newly appointed executives under the leadership of Segun Adebayo.

He conveyed his belief that “this team would invigorate the association’s presence and activity within the state.”

In his address, the president emphasised the essential role of alumni engagement and unity in advancing the association.

He highlighted the need for robust participation, stating that “the association was not solely for individuals of affluence, but rather a platform for mutual support and collaboration.”

He also commended Segun Adebayo’s prior contributions and experience within the association, affirming his confidence in his ability to lead effectively.

In his acceptance speech, Chairman Segun Adebayo expressed gratitude for the trust vested in him by fellow alumni.

He articulated his commitment to achieving significant milestones during his tenure with the support of the association’s members.

Adebayo outlined the association’s vision, focusing on fostering a vibrant network that facilitates personal and professional growth.

He emphasised three main strategies for achieving this vision. Firstly, enhancing ties with the alma mater through robust communication and collaboration. Secondly, prioritising the creation of an extensive alumni network that transcends various boundaries. Lastly, actively participating in philanthropic endeavors to give back to the community.

The chairman’s vision highlighted the potential for the alumni network to contribute positively to society and nurture the next generation of leaders.

Through collaboration, mentorship, and shared knowledge, the AAUA alumni association aspires to make a lasting impact that extends beyond its own realm.

The election of the new executives and their visionary approach mark a significant step forward for the association.

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