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APPLY: Edugist® Campus Ambassador Programme 

As part of the project’s operational procedures is to involve, recruit and manage campus ambassadors who are tertiary institution students.
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The Campus Ambassador Programme is an initiative of Campus Gist, a subunit of Edugist® which poses to be the reference point for authentic campus news in Nigeria. 

The programme is a part of Edugist’s mission “To Lead & Drive A New Educational Conversation Using Technology & Media As Veritable Tools”. As part of the project’s operational procedures is to involve, recruit and manage campus ambassadors who are tertiary institution students.

The project requires a 1-year commitment and seeks to help fast-track inflow of evidence-, data- and solutions-backed reports and events in tertiary institutions across Nigeria. Passionate students seeking opportunities to apply their writing and journalism prowess, likewise undergo ethical media practices under the leadership of experienced media professionals will be recruited and are strongly encouraged to apply.

Who is an Edugist Campus Ambassador?

Edugist seeks to recruit Campus Ambassadors with the following qualities:

  • Commitment to constant learning and growth
  • Demonstration of the desire to amplify happenings on campuses through high-quality reportage 
  • Digital literacy and effective written communication skills 


As Edugist Campus Ambassador, you get to;

  • Explore the world of education journalism 
  • Serve as the first point of contact for firsthand authentic news reports and happenings on campus 
  • Internship opportunity with Edugist® after school (optional)
  • Enjoy monthly data allowance
  • Enjoy career support from experienced media professionals 
  • Gain access to public speaking and journalism training events, among others, both physical and virtual
  • Network with other ambassadors at an annual get-together in different locations across the federation 

Application procedure and deadline

Suitably qualified students should complete the application form for the first application stage. The second stage which involves a writing exercise will be communicated to shortlisted candidates. Application deadline is Sunday April 16, 23:59 (WAT).

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