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Oríkì includes both single praise names and long strings of “attributive epithets” that may be chanted in poetic form. According to the Yoruba historian
Climate change is an undeniable reality, a global challenge that demands our attention and collective efforts. It refers to long-term changes in temperature, precipitation,
The “riots” or the war, led by women in the provinces of Calabar and Owerri in southeastern Nigeria in November and December of 1929,
1. Ibadan is the third Largest city in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg. 2. Ibadan is the third most populous city in Nigeria after
These are just a few of the many interesting facts about education from around the world. Learning about different education systems can help us
Alele-Williams, who was also the first Nigerian female to bag a doctorate, was appointed the Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin in 1985.
1. Sister Zeph, birth name Riffat Arif, is a Pakistani teacher, women’s activist and philanthropist. 2. Born in Gujranwala, Pakistan 3. She was a
Interested in working on your own schedule and teaching English to foreign students? Explore the lucrative world of online English teaching in Nigeria, where
Schoolchildren across private and public schools are expected to observe a compulsory break usually called the Midterm break. Midterm break is a great time
Language is a system of communication used by humans, typically consisting of spoken and written words, gestures, and symbols with agreed-upon meanings. It enables
As the National Examinations Council has released the results for the SSCE Internal June/July exams in 2023.Candidates who sat the exam can follow the
Every year on September 25th, the global community comes together to celebrate World Pharmacists Day. This day provides an opportunity to recognise and appreciate
Tech company, Apple, is set to unveil its latest iPhone product, the iPhone 15 today, September 12. This model will be unveiled at the
The Ashanti Kingdom (also known as Asante) reigned over a large part of present-day Ghana all the way down to the Ivory Coast for
1. Professor Tahir Mamman was born in 1954 at Michika Adamawa State. 2.He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Ahmadu Bello University in
The people of Idoma unarguably have one of the most fascinating cultures in Nigeria (West Africa). They are a people exceptionally proud of their
The National Board for Technical Education has unveiled an online top-up programme for Higher National Diploma holders to convert their certification to Bachelor’s Degree
Here is a look at the life of former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and a former
If you are sitting this year’s General Certificate Examination then you will agree that you need to get yourself ready academically and psychologically. In
1. Ghana was the first country in sub Saharan Africa to gain independence from European rule on March 6 1957. 2. Ghana means “warrior
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