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Valentine’s Day in the classroom offers educators an opportunity to create a warm and inclusive environment where students can celebrate friendship, kindness, and empathy.
Universities worldwide provide diverse programmes for individuals who qualify for admission and can financially support their studies. There is a global movement of thousands
Traditionally, the Song of Solomon is attributed to King Solomon, who is believed to have ruled Israel in the 10th century BCE. The book
1. Strategic Planning: – Start by creating a weekend-specific schedule. Identify specific learning goals or tasks you want to achieve. – Prioritize tasks based
Education stands as the cornerstone of societal progress and individual empowerment. In the global landscape, the significance of quality education cannot be overstated, as
In a small, impoverished neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria, a group of children gathers eagerly under the shade of a makeshift tent. As the scorching
In the quiet corners of a Nigerian household, the story unfolds – a tale of concern, love, and resilience. A young couple, proud parents
In the Bible, there are several figures who are often considered antagonistic or portrayed negatively. One notable example is Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus.
As the gears of 2024 grind into motion, the education sector finds itself at a crossroads. The echoes of the pandemic still linger, while
Funmi, originally named Frances Abigail Olufunmilayo Thomas, was born in October 1900 to Chief Daniel Olumeyuwa Thomas, a descendant of a returned slave from
The 19th century marked a pivotal era when Americans reshaped the celebration of Christmas, turning it from a boisterous carnival into a day of
The roots of Christmas intertwine with ancient winter festivities that span centuries and continents. Long before the tale of Jesus unfolded, diverse cultures found
Adamu Liman Ciroma (September 30, 1930 — May 23, 2004) was Nigeria’s first qualified archaeologist and never lost interest in preserving its rich heritage.
The Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash on December 10, 2005, at Port Harcourt International Airport in Nigeria, stands as a stark reminder of the
Holy Arousa is a unique church in Benin city, Edo state where Christians, Muslims and traditionalists worship together under the spiritual leadership of the
Climate change is an undeniable reality, a global challenge that demands our attention and collective efforts. It refers to long-term changes in temperature, precipitation,
Meet the distinguished alumnae of the University of Ibadan, formerly University College Ibadan. These remarkable individuals have made significant contributions to the stature and
Owing to the argument about the origin of the people of Auchi, this article gives a clear explanation about the origin and subsequent islamisation
A collective commitment to prioritise foundational learning has emerged from the 2023 High-Level Policy Dialogue Forum on Foundational Learning, hosted by the Ministry of
Qatar Foundation’s World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has recognised the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is becoming an integral
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