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Cosmopolitan University announces Carl Adams as vice-chancellor

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Cosmopolitan University, a prominent academic institution in Abuja, has unveiled its latest strategic appointments into key leadership roles.

Professor Carl Adams, an esteemed authority in the field of information technology, has been designated as the vice-chancellor of the university.

In addition, the institution has named Ibrahim Ahmad Mani as the new registrar.

This noteworthy announcement was conveyed through an official statement released on Sunday.

With his vast knowledge and extensive experience, Adams assumes the role of vice-chancellor, bringing decades of experience in both university administration and academic research.

His impressive background includes contributions to groundbreaking academic research spanning several countries, including China.

Hailing from the University of Portsmouth, Adams has cultivated a reputation for his scholarly contributions, featuring prominently in esteemed academic journals. Beyond his research endeavours, he possesses a wealth of expertise in university administration, having successfully developed and overseen research and academic processes across various educational levels, from school to faculty to university-wide initiatives.

The newly appointed Registrar, Ibrahim Ahmad Mani, has a distinguished career trajectory that encompasses various facets of academia and beyond. Drawing from his previous role as the Director of Academic Planning at Baze University, Mani brings a strong foundation in university administration. Moreover, his capabilities extend into diverse arenas such as environmental impact assessment, sustainable environmental development, international consultancy, public speaking, and participation in national politics at the highest echelons.

A notable excerpt from the official statement reads, “Dr. Mani’s expertise encompasses university administration, academic planning, environmental impact assessment, sustainable environmental development, and international consultancy. His versatility extends further to areas such as PR/marketing, capacity building, aquaculture and fisheries, ICT, research, public speaking, and a rich involvement in national politics.”

Cosmopolitan University, granted an operational license to commence academic activities on May 15, is a result of the visionary approach of the former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, which granted operational licenses to 37 private universities.

The university’s academic programmes have taken root with three key faculties: Management & Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Engineering.

The institution is poised to initiate the admission process for the 2022/2023 academic session, with prospective candidates being welcomed to join the esteemed ranks of Cosmopolitan University in September.

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