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Four OSPOLY students killed by generator fumes,two hospitalised

A reliable source, speaking to our correspondent, revealed that some of the students involved in this tragedy hailed from the KOKO campus of OSPOLY.
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In a shocking turn of events, the residents of Iree, a community in Boripe local government of Osun State, woke up to a devastating incident on Friday, July 7, 2023. Four individuals tragically lost their lives due to generator fumes while two others were hospitalized as a result. The incident unfolded in the Yakoyo Area, a popular residential spot predominantly occupied by students of Osun State Polytechnic (OSPOLY).

Preliminary reports indicate that two of the deceased victims were students of OSPOLY, although their identities are yet to be disclosed. One victim was a student of Business Administration, while the other belonged to the Mass Communication department. The remaining two individuals who lost their lives were local residents of the Iree community.

The fatal incident occurred as the victims were preparing for a pre-birthday celebration at their residence. It is believed that they had inadvertently left the door to their room open, allowing generator fumes to permeate the space. While partaking in the felicitations and consuming various intoxicants, they were unknowingly exposed to the lethal fumes emitted by the generator.

In a stroke of fortune, two other individuals who also consumed intoxicants managed to close their room door, offering some protection against the infiltrating generator fumes. However, they too were subsequently hospitalized due to the effects of the toxic gas.

A reliable source, speaking to our correspondent, revealed that some of the students involved in this tragedy hailed from the KOKO campus of OSPOLY. This unfortunate incident has prompted the Students Union Government and other institution officials to take immediate action.

The Students Union Government, in collaboration with OSPOLY authorities, is actively working to address the situation and prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. They are exploring measures to raise awareness among students about the dangers of generator fumes and the importance of safety precautions when using such equipment.

The community of Iree is grappling with the shock and grief caused by this devastating tragedy. The loss of four lives, including two promising students, has left a profound impact on the community, OSPOLY, and beyond. Authorities are urging residents and students to prioritize their safety and exercise caution when using generators or any other potentially hazardous appliances.

As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, the identities of the deceased victims will be disclosed once their families have been notified. The local authorities have extended their condolences to the bereaved families and are offering support during this difficult time.

This heartbreaking event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and safety measures when using generators, particularly in enclosed spaces. It is crucial for individuals to be aware of the potential risks associated with generator fumes and to take necessary precautions to prevent such avoidable tragedies.

Namacos Editorial Board,Iree.

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