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Gov Zulum meets UN delegation on girl-child education

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Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel laureate and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed, has met with Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State to discuss the importance of girl-child education in areas affected by Boko Haram in Borno.

The meeting took place on Tuesday at the council chambers in Government House Maiduguri.

Malala emphasised the need for parents, civil society, and education activists to prioritize the education of girls as a way to empower women and reduce their vulnerability in society.

She expressed concerns about the safety and security of girls’ education and highlighted the significance of investing in girls’ education for the benefit of future generations.

Malala stated that “education is the cornerstone of building a strong country, peace, and stability, and should be a top priority in any society.”

Malala’s visit to Borno State coincided with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of her UN speech and her 26th birthday on Wednesday.

She mentioned that every year on her birthday since her UN speech, she travels to different countries to raise awareness about the struggles faced by girls and the importance of access to education for all.

“I want to remind the girls and the world to think about the millions of girls who do not have access to education. Nigerian girls are determined, committed, and optimistic about a better future for themselves and their country,” she said.

Malala emphasised that there are countless girls with the potential to change the world, and it is the responsibility of the community to ensure that they have access to education and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Amina Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, advocated for the implementation of free education until senior secondary school level to encourage girl child education in Nigeria.

She praised the leadership style of the Zulum administration and emphasised the urgent need for increased funding for girls’ education in the crisis-affected region.

Governor Babagana Zulum stated that the Borno State government is dedicated to ensuring that every girl child completes secondary school education. He highlighted the government’s efforts in enrolling over 500,000 girls in public schools, improving infrastructure, hiring more teachers, and enhancing the quality of education.

He also acknowledged the destruction of approximately one thousand classrooms by Boko Haram insurgents.

Governor Zulum reaffirmed the commitment of the Borno State government to promote girl child education and provide opportunities for girls to pursue their dreams in life.

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