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HDI, MacArthur Foundation unveil comprehensive action plan for Lagos SUBEB

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In a noteworthy collaboration, the Human Development Initiatives (HDI) and MacArthur Foundation have jointly introduced the action plan for the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).

This significant move follows an extensive investigative project spanning the years 2018, 2019, and 2020, initiated back in 2017.

Speaking recently in Abuja, Olufunsho Owasanoye, the Executive Director of HDI, mentioned the critical importance of the project’s findings.

The research shed light on the dire circumstances faced by Nigerian children and their families, highlighting an acute need for fundamental education opportunities.

The unveiling took place during the “Basic Education National Stakeholders’ Convocation and Report Launch” event.

Owasanoye conveyed the organisation’s resolute belief that achieving high-quality, inclusive, and fair basic education is attainable in Nigeria.

Reflecting on the organisation’s extensive involvement in education efforts, she remarked, “We have witnessed firsthand the challenges experienced by Nigerian children and their families. It is imperative to recognise that the success of basic education hinges on collective engagement.

“After seven years of purposeful collaboration with key stakeholders on national and state levels, we firmly conclude that Nigeria can indeed achieve a standard of basic education that is both inclusive and equitable.”

Joke Shettima, Director of MacArthur Foundation, echoed the sentiment of partnership during his address.

He expressed the foundation’s enthusiasm for joining forces with such organisations dedicated to advancing basic education and broader societal development.

Shettima emphasised that this collaboration doesn’t aim to merely point fingers at authorities but rather to foster accountability.

He asserted, “Our efforts are inherently limited unless government officials are committed to enacting meaningful change.

“Government entities must acknowledge the vital role civil society organisations (CSOs) play as essential representatives of our society. True transformation hinges on the dedication of these officials to the right course of action.”

Shettima further highlighted the instrumental role of CSOs in facilitating change.

“CSOs have undertaken the responsibility of monitoring and ensuring that government pledges are fulfilled. This dynamic is not about blaming and shaming, but about cultivating a culture of transparency and responsibility,” he concluded.

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