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Houseboy murders UNIZIK official over dishwashing

The suspect, in a viral video had confessed hitting the deceased with a pestle thrice before he slumped.
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A middle-aged man, identified as Chima has been reported dead after he was hit with a pestle by his houseboy in Ifite, Awka, Anambra State.

The deceased, a Technologist in the Department of Psychology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, was allegedly murdered following a brawl with the deceased over washing of plate at his residence.

The suspect, in a viral video had confessed hitting the deceased with a pestle thrice before he slumped.

He said: “When my Oga came back, he told me to cook rice. As I was cooking the rice, he asked me why I did not wash plates. I did not reply and he became angry on why I wasn’t responding to his question.

“Immediately, he slapped me; but I told him that people don’t slap me because I usually have ear problem. He slapped me again, asking if I was still talking while he was talking.

“He quickly rushed for a cane and started flogging me all over. That was when I got provoked and engaged him in a fight. In the process, I picked up the pestle in the kitchen and hit him on the head three times.

“I stopped at that point after he had slumped in the pool of his blood.”

The video showed the deceased lying lifeless in the hospital bed, with his relatives, friends and some hospital officials interrogating the suspect.

The Nation gathered that while the deceased was being taken to the hospital together with the suspect, he (suspect) who earlier denied responsibility for the death, attempted to choke himself to death inside the vehicle.

“That act raised suspicion that he was actually responsible for the death. Meanwhile, the victim who still had little breath, managed to mention the suspect’s name before he finally gave up the ghost,” a family member narrated.

The suspect, who earlier claimed it was the deceased’s lover that attacked him, later confessed to the crime after he was tortured at the hospital.

Police spokesperson, Tochukwu Ikenga, was yet to respond to text messages sent to him at the time of this report.

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