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I share my experiences with new students – Akins

“I understand something that is clear to me and I don’t know about others that you don’t have an excuse to be a failure, I also believe with God by my side there is nothing I cannot achieve that is what has kept me going” Akins told Edugist.
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Akintunde Emmanuel Adediji is a Nigerian individual hailing from Gbongan, Osun State. He embarked on his secondary school journey in 2001 at Methodist Grammar School Elekuro in Ibadan, Oyo State, for his junior secondary education. Following that, he pursued his senior secondary education at Oyo State School of Science in Pade, Oyo State. This period proved challenging as it was a boarding school with students from various parts of the country. He shares his journey with Edugist reporter,Folaranmi Ajayi.Excerpts

Describe your academic journey from secondary to tertiary.

Firstly, my name is Akintunde Emmanuel Adediji, from Gbongan, Osun state Nigeria. I started my secondary journey in the 2001 at Methodist Grammar school Elekuro Ibadan in Oyo state for my junior secondary stages before proceeding to Oyo state school of science Pade, Oyo state for the senior secondary aspect then it was rough because it’s a boarding school, pupils from different parts of the country. In SS 2 I was in a club called Literary and Debate club. Unfortunately an issue arose among the students. The school called my parents to come due to the crisis and my dad concluded to take me home that day. The next year I was offered admission into Adura international model college Ibadan to finish my secondary school.

How many years did you spend at home before admission?

Just four years before I gained admission into Osun state polytechnic Iree in December 2010

How can you describe your first year on campus? And how many did you spend generally?

Osun state polytechnic Iree, it was fun because the atmosphere was conducive then and a lot of fun , it was a normal routine of life. From hostel to campus and after that to the field and have some exercise.

What’s your passion and what has kept you going?

I understand something that is clear to me and I don’t know about others that you don’t have an excuse to be a failure, I also believe with God by my side there is nothing I cannot achieve that is what has kept me going.

While in school describe yourself and the things that you were able to do?

If I were to describe myself I will say I am a God fearing man and I don’t like cheating but you can’t be good to all, I can only say I contributed the little ideas I have to students and the community at large.

What were your most challenging days on campus and how were you able to overcome them?

During my national diploma days Awofadeju, an engineer, was my supervisor then and his principles gives me a lot of stress because there is one word he used to say then ( engineering students don’t involve themselves in any activity on campus) and he knows me very well and the kind of soldiers I had then so we have much encounter and argument and in the end to God be the glory.

Do you have any regrets?

I don’t regret any action, it is only a fool that regrets his or her action.I see each step as a means of getting experience ahead of other challenges.

As a student leader how can new students be guided so as not to make mistakes?

I will only share my experiences with new students , because whatever advice you give his or her decision is very important. Thrn after sharing I will just advice as a brother not as a leader.

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