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David Ojo’s academic journey is a powerful tale of resilience and determination. After receiving disappointing results, David felt devastated and sought solace to process
Meet Aworanti Salvation Grace, a fearless force at Obafemi Awolowo University, where she’s not just a fourth-year Philosophy student but also a powerhouse of
From her humble beginnings in Eruwa, Oyo State, to her current role as a senior prefect girl in SSS3, Olamide’s journey is defined by
Kehinde Ajayi, a recent graduate of Agricultural Economics from the prestigious University of Ibadan. Hailing from Akure, Ondo state, Kehinde shares her journey from
In Ogun State, a quiet education revolution is underway, led by a passionate educator with a heart for change. Meet Odedina Emmanuel, a dedicated
After losing her parents, she had to drop out of school to support herself and her brother. Despite the challenges of menial jobs and
We know what you do reviewing your profile. How did you get into AI in education? I am a data scientist by profession and
You have been to sixty-plus countries, how has that influenced the way you see the world? I love engaging with people, knowing cultures, seeing
Let’s get into it, career, and your success at VISA. What was the turning point for you? I joined Visa right after graduating from
What was the turning point for you in your career? Thank you, my name is Armando. I currently lead the PAL Networks secretariat, based
Azeezat Kofoworola Olabode recently graduated from the department of industrial chemistry, University of Ilorin. She is a shoemaker and Web3 enthusiast. She speaks with
…Says many youths mistakenly view politics as a profession In the realm of Nigerian politics, the journey of Honourable Timileyin Oyeniyi stands as a
Meet Oladipupo Joshua Dunmininu, a resilient and determined individual whose journey in the world of presenting and radio journalism is nothing short of inspiring.
Meet Kentimfon Charles Ndanyongmong, the remarkable young talent hailing from the vibrant city of Uyo, Nigeria. Born in Mbak Obio Itam, Kentimfon’s journey into
In a transformative approach to education, SciAfrika is pioneering a mission to break down language barriers and empower African students with STEM knowledge. In
In a world where access to quality education is a fundamental right, the Uyilaw School Fees Support Fund shines as a beacon of hope
After graduating as the best student in the chemistry department of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, Raheemat Rafiu received a direct PhD offer to study
Born into the warm embrace of Ajayi Abiodun and Ajayi Fatima in the heart of Osogbo, Ajayi Abiola Bamidele embodies a spirit of unyielding
From prime moments in his childhood to becoming a professor of marketing at Africa’s premier business school, Uchenna Uzo, Ph.D, faculty director at the
Esther Nwadike obtained her law degree from Karnataka State Law University, India. She shares her experience studying in India and her future potential in
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