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LASU lecturers express frustration over poor handling of sub-degree programmes

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Several lecturers at Lagos State University (LASU) in Ojo, Lagos, have voiced their deep concerns regarding the inadequate management of the institution’s sub-degree programmes.

These sub-degree programmes, which encompass diplomas, pre-degree courses, and the HND-B.Sc conversion programme spanning six semesters, are typically followed by lecturer payments at the end of each semester.

However, investigations have revealed that the university has not made payments for two consecutive semesters.

Lecturers have, however, expressed their dissatisfaction with the insufficient attention given to the sub-degree programmes by the institution.

They have observed various complications and delays at every stage of the programme, from the admission registration process to the online uploading of results.

Several lecturers who spoke with The PUNCH requested anonymity.

One lecturer, involved in one of the programmes, stated, “Each semester lasts for about three to four months. We usually receive our payments after the completion of a semester. However, it has been two months since we submitted our request at the end of the previous session, and they informed us that they are still processing the funds.”

“The lecturers are also being underpaid. The university collects 70% of all the fees, while the faculty and department have to share the remaining 30%, resulting in further deductions. Ultimately, the remuneration we receive is far from satisfactory,” the lecturer added.

Another lecturer expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided by the university’s ICT Department and suggested that the management should reassess its operations.

“The issue lies in the inadequate attention given by the management to these programmes. The ICT department, headed by Prof. Toyin, is a significant problem, as they frequently delay in computing results. LASU management should prioritise these programmes to ensure the timely delivery of promises made to the students,” the lecturer stated.

“Otherwise, a two-year programme may end up being prolonged for three years due to delays caused by the ICT department. The centralisation of the LASU ICT department is also problematic, and it should be decentralised to prevent unnecessary delays,” the lecturer added.

Yet, another lecturer revealed, “Lecturers teaching in these programmes have not been paid for three consecutive semesters. The university owes lecturers in all these programs for at least two semesters, despite having collected N270,000 per annum from each student.”

When contacted, the Coordinator of the Centre for Information and Public Relations at LASU, Mrs. Oluwayemisi Thomas-Onashile, stated, “The Vice-Chancellor is currently addressing all the concerns raised and will provide a response.”


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