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Lawyer condemns expulsion of UniAbuja student over planned protest against fee hike

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Nnaemeka Ejiofor, a legal practitioner, has expressed strong disapproval of the decision made by the University of Abuja to expel undergraduate student Cyprian Igwe for allegedly organising a meeting and demonstration against the recent increase in school fees.

Ejiofor told Tribune Online that the university’s action is legally questionable as it appears to violate the student’s rights.

“The expulsion is legally questionable,” Ejiofor stated.

Igwe had posted a message on the SUG WhatsApp group, urging his fellow students to protest against the rise in school fees.

In his message, Igwe said, “Good evening, everyone. We will be holding a meeting tomorrow at 6:00 pm to discuss the issue of school fees and determine our course of action. I am deeply concerned as many students cannot afford to pay. I hope the SUG President is part of this group. I need everyone’s input.

“I am willing to risk my life and my admission rather than witness thousands of students dropping out. If the spirit of Aluta lives within us, it must awaken. Please join us for this meeting.”

Upon learning of the planned protest against the fee hike, the university authorities issued a “rustication letter” to Igwe and another student, Olamilekan Oladeru, accusing them of circulating an inflammatory statement.

The letter, dated May 26, 2023, reads, “You may recall that on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, an inflammatory press release, purportedly signed by the Student Union Government’s President and Speaker, was made public.

“Preliminary investigations have revealed that you and Oladeru Samson Olamilekan (18291126) facilitated and circulated this information. Your actions have the potential to disrupt the peaceful and orderly conduct of academic activities in the university and constitute a violation of the University Matriculation Oath.

“By virtue of the powers vested in the Vice-Chancellor as outlined in the University of Abuja Act, he has, on behalf of the Senate, directed your immediate expulsion from the university.

“As a result, you are prohibited from accessing all university campuses pending the resolution of the case,” the letter concluded.

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