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Nigerian graduate wins 5 US scholarships

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Samuel Ekanem, a Nigerian graduate and creative writer, has been accepted into five universities in the United States.According to reports, Ekanem secured fully-funded scholarships for his pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing.In addition to the comprehensive tuition coverage, each of these distinguished institutions has extended a graduate fellowship offer to Ekanem.

“This fellowship confers upon him an annual stipend throughout the entirety of his academic programme,” the reports unveiled.

The institutions that have acknowledged Ekanem’s outstanding capabilities and potential for growth are the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, the University of South Carolina in Columbia, Florida State University in Tallahassee, North Carolina State University in Raleigh, and Texas State University in San Marcos.

Ekanem’s accomplishments include being bestowed the President’s National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Honours Award.

Ekanem’s remarkable contributions and exceptional performance during his national service in Oyo State were commended.This honour was accompanied by an offer of employment in the federal civil service and a scholarship extending to the doctoral level at any Nigerian university.

Demonstrating his commitment to community betterment, Ekanem dedicated his service year to a transformative project.He successfully raised funds for and constructed a state-of-the-art public restroom facility, a vital contribution towards addressing open defecation challenges in the country.

Moreover, Ekanem’s proactive engagement extended to leading a group of fellow graduate volunteers in facilitating impactful financial inclusion campaigns within his host local government.Collaborating with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), he educated unbanked individuals on crucial financial policies formulated by the apex bank.Reflecting on his remarkable achievements, Ekanem expressed deep gratitude and referred to his admission as the realization of a lifelong aspiration.

Hailing from Akwa Ibom State, he obtained his degree in Communication Arts from the University of Uyo. Ekanem’s accomplishment also marks a significant milestone for his family, as he stands as their first university graduate.

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