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Odunola seeks support for students with special stature

Dr Odunola made the appeal recently while speaking with students on their health status in his office.
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The Director of the University Ilorin Health Services, Dr Abdulrasheed Odunola has appealed to the management of the University to always give emotional support to students with unique weight and height to boost their morale in athletic activities.

Dr Odunola made the appeal recently while speaking with students on their health status in his office.

The Director, who disclosed that three students of the University of Ilorin are being identified as the tallest among their peers on campus, explained that one of the students represented the University at the last National Universities Game (NUGA), hosted in Lagos where Unilorin finished fourth position in the league.

The three students are Michael Usman Jatto of the Faculty of Management Sciences, who is 23years, shoe sizes 55, 2.06 MT height; Watti Favour, 20years, of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology with shoe sizes of 51, 2. 04MT in height; and Jimoh Mumuni, 19years of age, height is 2.03MT.

Dr Odunola pointed out that there are so many causes of tall stature, but the commonest is when one or both parents are above 97 percent height, one or all the children are likely to inherit it, as being proven by laboratory tests.

The second reason, according to the Director, is precocious puberty whereby the child reaches puberty very early especially female.

Dr Odunola said that another cause of tall stature is excessive growth hormones.

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