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UniAbuja student wins Malaysia High Commission essay

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Joshua Omale, a 300-level student of the Department of Accounting at the University of Abuja, has secured the top position in an essay competition orchestrated by the Malaysia High Commission, Abuja.

The competition is titled “It’s Time to Discover Malaysia.”

Joshua defeated over 45 other contenders with his 800-word essay.

Emerging as the deserving winner, Joshua Omale showcased his prowess by clinching the 1st place in the competition. The essay contest was no small challenge, as it pitted young talents against each other to explore the topic of Malaysia’s allure.

His victory is a testament to his dedication and exceptional writing skills.

The exciting announcement was made during the recent Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) Outreach Programme.

This event, themed “Colourful Malaysia, Warna-Warni Malaysia,” was jointly organised by the Malaysia High Commission and the University of Abuja Centre for Asian Studies, held at the Main Campus.

Sharmini Devi Gopal, the Malaysia High Commissioner to Nigeria, shared her insight into the MTCP’s significance.

She emphasised that “the MTCP represents the Malaysian government’s commitment to fostering technical cooperation among developing nations through the avenue of human capacity development.”

This programme extends scholarships to recipients for pursuing both long and short-term courses across a diverse range of fields within Malaysian universities and institutes. These fields include agriculture, science, economics, finance, trade, technology, and ICT, among others.

The MTCP scholarship initiative is an annual opportunity, offered each year in May/June.

Sharmini Devi Gopal assured that “the University of Abuja would be kept up-to-date on upcoming scholarship offerings.”

Joshua Omale, elated by his victory, expressed his gratitude and excitement for winning the prestigious prize.

He affirmed his commitment to further refine his writing skills, continuing his journey of crafting impactful essays. This achievement stands as a testament to his dedication and determination in the realm of academia and writing.

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