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Gradely Wins Edtech Summit Award for The Adaptive Solution of the Year

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Gradely, Nigeria’s first truly personalized learning platform earns prestigious industry recognition.

Gradely was awarded ‘The Best Adaptive Learning Solution of the Year’ at the inaugural edition of the Edtech Summit Awards on the 3rd of March, 2020.

The Summit which was organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and AFRITEX, held at the International Conference Center in Abuja.

Gradely uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning materials such as video lessons and practice for students.

Personalization is achieved by using data from regular assessment (through weekly homework or practice). This is used to recommend just-in-time learning resources to close learning gaps that have been identified in order to help students achieve mastery.

Gradely ensures that the elements of gaming such as instant feedback, high scores, levels, achievements, and time pressure are put into learning. With this, Gradely makes learners better engaged and empowered to achieve mastery.


Gradely makes homework fun through gamification



Homework review is done immediately. Gradely makes students better prepared for the next class.

Gradely also makes it possible for schools and parents to intervene early in student’s education trajectory. This is achieved by analyzing students’ performance in weekly homework assigned by teachers. Also, by providing insight into the learning progress or challenges faced by each student.


Gradely provides insight into how students are performing in every topic. 


Since the launch of a private beta in September 2019, over 65 secondary schools in Nigeria digitize their homework with Gradely homework tool. This tool contains questions developed by highly experienced teachers guided by the IGCSE and WAEC. Hence, this makes it the first teacher-led and curriculum-based eLearning platform in Nigeria.

“We started Gradely with a mission to make every student a successful learner.” said Boye Oshinaga, Co-founder & CEO, Gradely Technologies.

“To achieve this mission, we are providing the tools, content and people that can support the learning process of every student. We believe that with more real-time data and feedback on the learning process, it is possible for parents and their schools to notice each individual’s learning gaps. And fill those gaps in more efficient ways,” he added.


Boye Oshinaga (CEO & Co-Founder, Gradely.NG) receiving the Adaptive Solution of the Year Award at the just concluded Edtech Summit in Abuja

Gradely won the Adaptive Solution of the year award because of its data driven approach to education. However, 8 other players in education technology sector were recognized for their valuable contribution to education in Nigeria. Others recognized included; the government agency NITDA, Oracle Academy and EDVES.

Gradely availability & information
Gradely is free for schools and can be accessed on any internet enabled device via Gradely

Subscribers can unlock unlimited practice, learning videos and live tutoring (based on the IGCSE & WAEC curriculum) for any child in secondary school here.

About Gradely Technologies

Gradely is an educational technology company that helps schools and parents deliver a personalized learning experience for primary and secondary students in Nigeria. The organization is co-founded by Boye Oshinaga (CEO), Femi Ibiwoye (CTO), Seyi Adelaju (Head of Growth), and Babatunde Calebs (Head of Product).


(L-R) Seyi Adelaju (Head of Growth), Boye Oshinaga (CEO), Babatunde Calebs (Head of Product); Femi Ibiwoye (CTO)

For more enquiries, please contact Seyi Adelaju via:
Seyi Adelaju
+234 706 882 7750

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