UNILAG Medical Students Lament Over Poor Living Conditions at LUTH

Written by Elvis Boniface

The students of the College of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences Students’ Association (COMPSSA), have reportedly protested their current living conditions at their hostel. According to reports, their rooms have been taken over by bedbugs, despite being fumigated at least twice every session.

The students said they always have to be on the lookout, so as to ensure they don’t end up carrying bedbugs when they go for clinical postings, as the bedbugs are said to hang onto anything in their rooms. Reports say the students are often seen helping each other pluck bedbugs from their lab coats. The walls of their rooms are said to be nearly covered in blood stains as a result of the bites from the bugs which suck from their victims. See pictures below:

Medilag protest Medilag protest1 Medilag protest2

The students have asked for the Provost of the College of Medicine to declare a ‘state of emergency’ concerning the bedbugs and take measures to permanently end the situation, by maybe giving them some time away from the hostels, to enable the proper fumigation of the hostels.

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