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11 Australian scholarships for international students

A major plus for this country is the fact that English is the official language which makes this study destination a growing choice among international students.
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Australia is growing in popularity for international students who are seeking undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The country has been attracting a large number of students due its reputation for educational excellence, diverse cultural and natural environments, and a high standard of living. A major plus for this country is the fact that English is the official language which makes this study destination a growing choice among international students.

However, studying abroad can be costly, and many students may require financial assistance to cover tuition, housing, and living expenses. Fortunately, many scholarships are available in Australia to assist students in pursuing their dreams of studying there.

Edugist highlights 11 Australian scholarships for international students:

Destination Australia Scholarships

The Australian government has launched the Destination Australia scholarship program in an effort to financially support both domestic and foreign students who decide to study in Australia. For students pursuing Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualifications at eligible universities with regional campuses across Australia, this program offers more than 1000 scholarships each year, each worth $15,000.

Bond University Transformer Scholarship

The Transformer Scholarship is awarded to those with high potential to affect real change through participation in the Transformer program. As a Transformer Scholar, you will be awarded up to 50% tuition waiver for any single undergraduate bachelor’s degree or postgraduate master’s degree program (excluding the Bond Medical Program) and can commence your study in the following January semester.

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship is one of Australia’s most prestigious undergraduate awards. The Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship, funded by the Australian government is valued at $124,000 and provides a tuition fee waiver and living costs stipend to high-quality international postgraduate students. To be eligible, applicants must have a strong academic record and be accepted as research candidates by the university.

La Trobe University Excellence Scholarship

La Trobe International Scholarship (LTIS) awards high-achieving international students scholarships worth 20% to 30% off the annual tuition fees. The scholarship is for those interested in undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate coursework or postgraduate research. High-achieving international students will be automatically considered for this scholarship if they are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

University of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

For international students, the University of Melbourne offers several undergraduate scholarships. This scholarship are given to international students who want to study at the University of Melbourne for an undergraduate degree and it covers tuition fees and an allowance for living expenses.

University of Sydney International Scholarships

This university provides $37,207 per year for postgraduate research to support outstanding international postgraduate students pursuing a Ph.D. or Master by research. High-achieving students who exhibit leadership qualities, artistic talent, or other extracurricular accomplishments are selected for this scholarship. The scholarships include a living expense allowance in addition to paying for tuition.

University of Queensland International Excellence Scholarship

International students who have excelled academically and want to pursue a degree at the university are given the University of Queensland International Excellence Scholarship. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student and have earned a GPA equivalent of 6.75 or higher (on the UQ 7-point scale), you are eligible. Additionally, UQ has extended an unconditional offer to you to enroll full-time.

University of Western Australia Global Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is given to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students from selected countries who apply for specific courses at the University. Applicants must have an excellent academic record and demonstrate leadership potential or community involvement to be eligible for this scholarship.

Monash International Leadership Scholarship

You may be eligible for this scholarship if you are an international student of Monash as an undergraduate or postgraduate. This scholarship covers 100% of your course fees until you have completed the required number of points for your degree. First-year undergraduate students will also be invited to apply for a spot in Monash Minds, a first-year leadership program.

Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS) are awarded to suitably qualified applicants to pursue a full-time research higher degree at Flinders University – up to two years for a Research Masters degree and up to three years for a Research Doctorate degree. The scholarship covers the international student tuition fees, a generous living allowance paid at the rate of $33,000 per annum (2023 rate, tax-exempt), Overseas Health Care cover, and an establishment allowance of up to $1,485 to assist with relocation costs and airfares.

Griffith University International Student Excellence Scholarship

Outstanding international applicants to Griffith University’s undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs are given the International Student Excellence Scholarship. You must be a citizen of a nation other than Australia or New Zealand and have a minimum GPA in prior coursework of 5.5 or higher on a 7-point scale, or an equivalent, in order to be eligible.

Final thoughts

Australia offers a wide range of undergraduate scholarships for both domestic and international students. These scholarships can provide financial assistance to cover tuition fees and living expenses and can help students achieve their dreams of studying in Australia.

While the competition for these scholarships is intense, students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, community involvement, and innovative thinking have a good chance of being awarded a scholarship. It is recommended that interested students research and apply for these scholarships early, as application deadlines and requirements may vary.

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