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19 Nigerian Students Receive Scholarship to Study in America

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19 Nigerian Students Receive Scholarship to Study in America

Nineteen Nigerian students have received scholarships worth $2.17 million to attend American universities and colleges.

This was disclosed in statement from the US Embassy in Nigeria on Friday.

The statement stated that the students are high achieving, low-income students from southern Nigeria.

It noted that the feat was made possible through the Opportunity Funds Program of the United States Consulate General in Lagos, with support from Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited.

The 19 departing students — two undergraduates and 17 graduate students — will be studying a variety of majors including Infectious Diseases, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Chemistry, Climate Change and Climate Variability, Geology, and Political Science. Their impressive list of acceptances includes University of Massachusetts Boston, Purdue University, Duke University, Northwestern University, among others.

The scholarship covered expenses involved in the college application process such as payment for standardized tests, application fees, visa and SEVIS fees as well as air travel to the United States.

The statement quoted the United States Consul General Claire Pierangelo as urging the scholars to make the most of their opportunity to get a top-notch education while gaining first-hand experience of American life and culture.

She reportedly spoke during a reception held in Lagos in honor of the U.S. bound students.

She said, “The U.S. Mission in Nigeria is pleased that our two major Education USA centers in Lagos and Abuja help brilliant, deserving and high achieving students defray the cost of applying to study in the U.S.

“You have successfully navigated the daunting U.S. college and university admissions process and we are so excited for your future.

“During your time in the United States, please take full advantage of every opportunity you have not only to learn but to expand your horizon.

“You have excelled in Nigeria and I have no doubt that you will continue on that path of academic excellence in the United States.”

One of the 2020 Opportunity Fund Program scholars, Izunna Okpala, who received full funding for a Ph.D. program in Information Technology described the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program as a “game-changer” in his quest to receive an international education.

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