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20 most expensive secondary schools in Lagos

Due to the fall in Nigeria’s trajectory as regards educational standards at government-sponsored schools, private schools have sprung up to fill the gaps, resulting in a severe disparity in the school system. Edugist has compiled the top 20 most expensive secondary schools in Lagos with respect to their annual payment.
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With Nigeria’s continuous inclination to privatise public school education, there has been a trend in proliferation of private schools. 

According to a report by Statista, Nigeria is estimated to have approximately 9,500 public secondary schools and 17,000 private secondary schools. Lagos, perhaps, has the largest population of private schools in the country today.

While Nigeria battles the problem of out-of-school children, there are school owners who are solving the problem and profiting from the system’s failure. One of the objectives of education is to provide a channel of opportunities for people. 

While most schools have fallen short in providing these opportunities, some parents are willing to invest so much to bring quality learning to their secondary school wards. Parents believe that this act helps to widen their children’s scope, while also creating networking and social connection opportunities for them.

Due to the fall in Nigeria’s trajectory as regards educational standards at government-sponsored schools, private schools have sprung up to fill the gaps, resulting in a severe disparity in the school system.

Edugist has compiled the top 20 most expensive secondary schools in Lagos with respect to their annual payment.

American International School, Victoria Island


photo 2023 03 06 14 30 37
Photo: AISL

American International School is the most expensive secondary school in Nigeria with a total annual payment of about NGN 5.5 million. The school is located behind 1004 Federal Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

It is a privately owned co-educational school with an American pattern and standard curriculum programme. AISL offers international educational standards for students of various nationalities. It is accredited by the middle state association and the council of international schools. All fees in the school are paid in US dollars. 

British International School, Victoria Island
Photo: BIS

British International School Lagos was established in 2001 and is located at Muri Okunola Street, Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Private Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos. Students’ fees are paid in dollars which goes around 4.48 million annually when converted to naira. 

The fees cover textbooks, feeding, uniforms, and so on. Music suites, theatre, computer suites, multipurpose hall and so on are some of the great facilities enjoyed by wards in this school. The curriculum is designed according to the England standard, and it’s also modified to suit international standards.

Grange School, Ikeja


photo 2023 03 06 14 33 17
Photo: Grange School

Grange School operates as a non-profit educational institution established with the aim of providing qualitative British education in a supportive, caring, comfortable, and suitable environment. Fees total is around NGN 4.5 million annually. 

It is one of the three schools in Nigeria accredited by the UK’s Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS). The school is located at No 6, Harold Hodipo Crescent, GRA, Ikeja Lagos.

Lekki British International School, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 14 35 16
Photo: Lekki British Int’l School

Established in 2000, Lekki British International School Lagos is another one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with fees totaling around 4 million naira per academic session. The school is acknowledged as the original British school in Nigeria with a curriculum programme reputed to be of great international standard. 

The school can boast of being the secondary school with the best facilities in West Africa. Lekki British School Lagos is located at Victoria Arobieke Street, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School, Ikoyi


photo 2023 03 06 14 39 13
Photo: LPSS

Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School (LPSS) is one of the top British Curriculum schools located at 36-40 Glover Rd, Ikoyi Lagos. The school is a private co-educational day school, established in 2002, which has adopted the UK National Curriculum. 

As an international school, the school’s current community is composed of pupils of more than twenty nationalities. The school’s motto is ‘Non Sibi Sed Omnibus’ meaning ‘not for one but for all’ and therefore accepts applications for admissions from all children. Parents pay an annual fee of about NGN 4 million.

Children’s International School, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 14 42 38
Photo: CIS

Children’s International School is a school whose students receive a breadth and quality of education that ensures that they are imbued with the academic understanding, independence of thought, confidence and sense of social responsibility that will allow them to flourish together with their global peers in any ever more rapidly changing and challenging world. Located at Plot 8 Amore Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, the school was founded in 2003 and the annual tuition fee is about 3.5 million in naira.

Greenspring School, Anthony


photo 2023 03 06 14 48 13
Photo: Greensprings School

Located at No 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony Lagos, Greenspring School is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with fees totaling about 3.2 million. The school features membership in high-class organisations such as ISCP (International Schools Curriculum Project), AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education) and AISA, (Association of International Schools, Africa), among others.

Meadow Hall School, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 14 51 13
Photo: Meadow Hall School

The Meadow Hall Educational Group was founded in 2002 by Mrs Kehinde Nwani. The school is located near Elegushi Beach Road in Lekki, Lagos and focused on building lifelong learners who are conversant with 21st-century strategies and methodologies. Total annual fee is around 3 million naira.

Corona Secondary School, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 15 20 13
Photo: Corona School

Situated in the serene environment of Abijo GRA Scheme 2, Lekki, Corona Secondary School, has the common advantage of the Corona brand and all that it stands for. 

These include a unique brand and tradition of innovation, excellence, outstanding academic pursuits, social responsibility, competitive sports culture and high expectations for each student. Boarding or day, each school offers well-resourced teachers, technology integrated learning, well-maintained facilities and a high-performance culture to stimulate your child’s growth, learning and development. Annual tuition is about 2.6 million naira.

Atlantic Hall School, Epe


photo 2023 03 06 15 24 08
Photo: Atlantic Hall

Atlantic Hall holds and maintains a 600 student population figure, and operates at a teacher-student ratio of 1:10. Its facilities are highly well equipped and the school features social events such as talent shows, dances, concerts, and film shows at weekends. Located in Epe, Lagos, annual fees amount to 2.3 million naira.

Albesta Academy, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 15 27 09
Photo: Albesta Academy

Albesta Academy is an imperial citadel of learning that inculcates the spirit of hard work, honesty, integrity and courage into students through efficient and effective school organisation and management which prepare them physically and spiritually for the challenges of tomorrow. 

The academy is creatively fused with hands-on practical and interactive teaching, e-learning equipment, e-library, Student Portal, language studio, science laboratories, ICT room and vocational workshops. 

Entrepreneurial and trade courses are also available for students to independently work with to make them self-reliant and globally competitive. Located at Eleko Beach Rd, 105101, Lekki, Lagos and running a broad based Nigerian and British curriculum, annual tuition is around 2.2 million naira.

Chrisland Schools, Ikeja


photo 2023 03 06 15 32 28
Photo: Chrisland Schools

Located at Ladipo Oluwole Avenue, Ikeja, Chrisland College features facilities such as a drama studio, spacious fully air-conditioned classrooms, cafeteria and basketball court, modern laboratories, swimming pool, well-stocked library, and so on. Total fees payment is around 2 million naira annually.

Dowen College, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 15 34 20
Photo: Dowen College

Dowen College moulds students to be global citizens using a syllabus content of integrated international curriculum. Dowen College, Lekki is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with annual fees totaling around 2 million naira. The school is located at No 18, Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. The class population is limited to a maximum of 20 students per class as the school prides itself in focusing on the individual student.

Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, Ikeja


photo 2023 03 06 15 38 40
Photo: VFMC

Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls was established in 1991 to promote the advancement of women through quality and functional education with a range of secondary and tertiary education facilities where thousands of students gain knowledge and future professions. It is an all-girls Independent college located at Plot 5, Balogun Street, Billingsway Oregun, Ikeja Lagos. Annual tuition fee is 2 million naira.

Cambridge College, Ikeja


photo 2023 03 06 15 42 21
Photo: Cambridge College

Cambridge College has mastered the art of successfully and effectively preparing students for practical real-world scenarios through equipping students with 21st century skills making them have a competitive advantage over their peers. Operating with both the British and Nigerian curriculum and located at 41b Ladoke Akintola Rd, Ikeja GRA Lagos, annual tuition is about 1.5 million naira.

Wellspring College, Ikeja


photo 2023 03 06 15 45 41
Photo: Wellspring College

Wellspring College is a model school established in 2003 by astute and seasoned academics and education administrators who commonly share the vision of returning standards to the nation’s educational system. Wellspring College has a strong sense of purpose and harnesses every opportunity to give students sound spiritual, academic, mental and social development with a well developed value statement that drives her functions and interactions. 

The college is committed to providing a challenging, dynamic, relevant and coherent curriculum, which promotes lifelong learning and produces responsible, independent critical thinkers and learners who act ethically and confidently in their personal career and community life. Located at 25B Somide Odujinrin Street Omole Phase 2, Ikeja, Lagos, annual tuition is about 1.5 million naira.

St Gregory’s College, Ikoyi 


photo 2023 03 06 15 48 41
Photo: St. Gregory’s College

St. Gregory’s College is a catholic missionary school for boys, with boarding facilities, located 1.0 km from Tafawa Balewa Square in the vicinity of South-West Ikoyi – Obalende, Lagos. The college holds dear the words of Francois Rabelais that, “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lit”. Annual tuition is about 1.5 million naira.

Greenfield Comprehensive Schools, Lekki


photo 2023 03 06 15 52 04 e1678114518370
Photo: GCS

Commencing operations in 1998, Greenfield Comprehensive Secondary School’s ultimate aim is to give children sound and qualitative education which boost the future academic success of the children and a better Nigeria tomorrow. It is a co-educational school catering for pupils and students from any nationality. Located at Plot 22 Bamidele Eletu Ave, Osapa main Road, Lekki Peninsula II, Lagos, the annual tuition is about 1.1 million naira.

Avi-Cenna Int’l School, Ikeja


photo 2023 03 06 15 57 09 e1678114741814
Photo: Avi-Cenna Int’l School

Avi-Cenna Int’l School builds confident, balanced, ambitious young people, and inculcates in them a strong set of moral values that will allow them to make significant contributions to the world beyond School. Avi-Cenna International School is located at 6 Harold Sodipo Cres, Ikeja GRA Lagos and annual tuition is 1 million naira.

Crescent Schools, Victoria Island 


photo 2023 03 06 16 01 21
Photo: Crescent Schools

Located at 1004 Apartment Complex, Federal Housing Complex Rd, Victoria Island Lagos with an annual tuition of about 900,000 naira, Crescent Schools is on a mission to promote a culture of moral and academic excellence in a safe, inspiring and mutually beneficial environment through a dedicated and self-motivated workforce that fosters critical thinking and responsible decision-making in learners.

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