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Abia Poly partners traders on further education, training

Towards this end, plans had been reached to set up an office in the market to help interested traders navigate the registration process and other school- related matters.
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Abia State Polytechnic has partnered the management board of Ariaria International Market in Aba to avail traders who desire to further their education an opportunity to accomplish this dream.

This, according to them, has become necessary as most of the traders in a bid to succeed in their business could not reach the full educational attainment, as they could not combine their business with further studies.

The partnership led by the Rector, Hagler Okorie, is aimed at improving the financial profile of the polytechnic. This was as stakeholders argued that with the commercial environment of Aba, the polytechnic should not be faced with the recurrent financial straits that have recently led to the withdrawal of accreditation, though now restored, and several months’ salary arrears owed the staff. It is against this background that the programme is commendable.

This is the way to go rather than depend solely on the government for every imaginable need. More programmes should be introduced to take advantage of the city’s commercial diversity to help the polytechnic.. The Chairman of the Market Traders, Michael Chijioke Amaku, expressed gratitude to the management of the state polytechnic for their willingness to support the traders’ education, stating that it was a much-needed intervention that would benefit the entire market community.

The rector said the proposed programme that will favour traders, who wish to continue their education, would take the form and flexibility of an evening school, which would be accessible to traders after business hours. Towards this end, plans had been reached to set up an office in the market to help interested traders navigate the registration process and other school- related matters.

To Amaku, the programme would not only provide an opportunity for traders to further their education, but it would also equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively, thereby boosting their income and contributing to the growth of the market.

“The proposed programme is a significant step towards empowering traders in Ariaria International Market and helping them reach their full potential. It is hoped that this initiative will serve as a model for other institutions and organisations to follow, as they seek to create more opportunities for individuals to further their education and improve their livelihoods,” the polytechnic’s official said.

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