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Abuja-based Career Diplomat, Kenneth Ogbodo, Launches Initiative to Reduce Number of Out-of-School Children

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An Abuja-based career diplomat, Kenneth Ogbodo, has launched an initiative to complement government efforts to reducing the number of out-of-school children.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Ogbodo stated that his initiative will involve the use of technology and virtual learning tools.

According to him, the initiative targets children between the ages of six to eighteen, stressing that the initiative was inspired by his personal challenges while struggling to get an education after the death of his father.

“The initiative was birthed to rescue people who may not get the same opportunity I got. After the death of my late dad, things became pretty tough for our family, and it looked like education had stopped for me until a kind man came to my rescue.

“The world may be in a limited supply of kind men, but the few ones available can use technology to spread more kindness,” he said.

The effective realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which prioritises children’s access to education, will be aided by Mr Ogbodo’s goal of ensuring that thousands of children in low-income neighbourhoods, areas devastated by terrorism and insecurity, as well as camps for internally displaced people, have access to education.

“It is our society, and while many may argue that it is the job of the government, we clearly cannot leave all these tasks to the government. We are direct beneficiaries when our children have access to education. We are also direct victims when we lose them to social vices because of a lack of access to education. So we all must do what we can to help in our little capacities,” he said.

Mr Ogbodo also said that his initiative would continue to seek necessary approvals and certification from relevant agencies, which is aimed at ensuring that the education delivered to his target audience is “usable and recognised by institutions.”

He also called for support in funding asking government agencies, individuals and organisations to support his course.

“We are asking people to support us. You have seen our mobile app, the way it is designed, its interactiveness and its efficiency. The children cannot access the app or our server without gadgets. We are asking people to support in the provision of these things so that we can reach more people and get more work done together,” he said.

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