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Again Teacher kidnapped in Kwara State, NUT calls for urgent action

The victims, Deacon Femi Ajayi, of Baptist Grammar School, Oke Ayegun, Isanlu-Isin, and his father, were kidnapped around 7 pm on Thursday, July 13, 2023.
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The National Union of Teachers (NUT) in Kwara State has expressed deep concern over yet another reported case of kidnapping, which has further heightened fears among educators and students alike.

The incident involved Femi Ajayi, a school teacher at Baptist Grammar School (BGS) in Isanlu Isin.

In an official statement released yesterday, the NUT condemned the alarming increase in kidnappings and killings of teachers in the state, highlighting the detrimental impact it has had on the educational sector. The organisation called on the Kwara State Government, Commissioner of Police, and other security agencies to take immediate action to ensure the safety of teachers and students, as well as prevent the collapse of the education system.

The incident occurred on the evening of Thursday, July 13, 2023, when Ajayi and his father, Deacon Femi Ajayi, were kidnapped while traveling. According to reports, the kidnappers deliberately damaged their vehicle before forcefully taking them to an undisclosed location.

The NUT, deeply concerned about the safety of its members, pleaded for swift and thorough investigations into this recent case of kidnapping, urging the authorities to secure the immediate release of the victims. The union also appealed to its members to remain vigilant and avoid late travels or deserted routes to mitigate the risk of becoming targets.

The frequent occurrence of such incidents has sent shockwaves through the educational community in Kwara State, with teachers now apprehensive about their personal safety. These unsettling circumstances not only impact the morale of teachers but also pose a significant threat to students’ access to education.

The NUT’s call for urgent action highlights the pressing need for increased security measures and dedicated efforts from law enforcement agencies to combat the growing wave of kidnappings. It is crucial for the Kwara State Government to collaborate with relevant authorities and stakeholders to devise comprehensive strategies that will effectively protect teachers, students, and all education workers.

As the NUT raises concerns over the safety of teachers and the state of education in Kwara, it is hoped that the government will respond promptly and decisively to alleviate the fears and ensure the security of the educational community. The union’s prayers go out to all those affected, as they seek divine guidance and protection for teachers, students, and the entire workforce in the face of these distressing circumstances.

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