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AI writing tools should be used as aids to enhance creativity — LexiGenius creator Olatunbosun Amao

AI-powered writing app creator speaks with Edugist on the user-friendly web tool that offers a range of features primed towards making life easy for writers, students and professionals.
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Olatunbosun Amao is a content creator and script writer who debuted with an innovative AI-powered writing app called LexiGenius. The app is a user-friendly web tool that offers a range of features primed towards making life easy for writers, students, and professionals. LexiGenius, with its cutting-edge AI technology, is said to have the potential to benefit Nigeria’s tech-economy in various ways including enhanced content creation, boosting education, increased productivity, economic growth, global competitiveness, tech entrepreneurship, foreign investment, and skills development among others. Amao speaks with Edugist on these possibilities. Excerpts

Please share with Edugist a little about yourself and your background

My name is Olatunbosun Amao, and my foray into the world of technology is a tale all its own. It began when I underwent computer training and received my first computer certification after high school—an era when computers were still considered marvels of technology. While my academic trajectory eventually led me to a degree in political science, my heart steadfastly clung to the perpetually evolving realm of technology. 

Some of my most remarkable academic accomplishments sprouted from the elective computer-related courses I pursued at the university. These courses, pursued alongside my primary field of study, served as the seeds of a burgeoning passion that would flourish in the years ahead. Over time, I seized every opportunity to immerse myself in diverse tech roles, refining my skills and deepening my expertise. Much of my knowledge and proficiency in this domain resulted from my unceasing commitment to self-directed learning, propelled by an insatiable curiosity. Today, I oversee the management of an organisation’s applications, leading a talented team of tech enthusiasts who share my fervour. 

Additionally, I proudly wear the mantle of a partner in an innovative organisation surrounded by individuals who are genuine tech virtuosos. Adding to this journey, I’ve amassed an impressive array of certifications in areas such as Project Management, Agile Scrum, Business Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, ERP, and more. These certifications stand as a testament to my dedication to expanding my skill set. In essence, it’s been a lengthy and fulfilling expedition, marked by countless small steps that have converged into a splendid voyage through the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

What inspired you to develop LexiGenius?

What inspired the development of LexiGenius was my aspiration to create a system that could positively impact people from various walks of life and professions. LexiGenius, armed with cutting-edge AI technology, has the potential to significantly contribute to Nigeria’s tech-space economy in several key ways, including enhanced content creation, increased productivity, tech entrepreneurship, etc. 

LexiGenius’s AI technology promises to deliver substantial benefits to Nigeria’s tech-space economy by enhancing content creation, improving productivity, advancing education, and fostering innovation. It positions Nigeria as a formidable player in the global tech arena, attracting investments, driving economic growth, and nurturing a skilled workforce.

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What are the key features of LexiGenius that make it different from other AI writing tools?

LexiGenius isn’t just another player; it’s the conductor of a symphony of words. With its user-friendly interface, easy sign-up process, diverse templates, tailored writing options, and AI chat assistants, it transforms the writing process into a delightful, creative journey. It’s not just a tool; it’s your writing companion, always ready to help you craft words that sing, dance, and captivate. It offers real-time assistance, adapts to individual needs, and prioritises ease of use, ultimately helping subscribers improve their writing effortlessly.

We have made it easy for people to sign on to the platform. Anyone who signs in is eligible for our free trial of 1000 words limit. This allows users to test how the application works and see its beauty. We have different monthly plans from silver to gold. A silver plan is only $5 monthly and will give you 100k words. Gold is $10 and has a limit of 300k words. Platinum is $20 and will provide a 1-million-word limit. You can also cancel anytime you wish. One beauty we also added is the prepaid plan, which is only $1. Yes, you got me right, 1$. This gives you a 10,000-word limit. You can use this as a top-up for your monthly plans or buy separately.

What kind of content is LexiGenius best suited for and who do you see as the primary users of LexiGenius?

LexiGenius is a versatile writing tool designed to cater to diverse content needs, making it an indispensable resource for a wide range of individuals and professionals. Some of the content you can use our tool to create includes but is not limited to blog posts, emails, social media posts, marketing content and website content, among others. LexiGenius is the go-to companion for content creators, bloggers, novelists, journalists, and all creative writers who rely on the written word for their craft. It provides invaluable assistance in generating engaging and high-quality content. It also extends its support to students, from high school to university. It aids in enhancing their writing skills, structuring essays, and improving overall academic performance, making it an essential tool for educational growth. Others are business professionals, content marketing specialists, creative writers, freelance writers. 

What are some of the challenges you faced in developing LexiGenius, and how did you overcome them?

Developing LexiGenius was a fascinating journey, but it had its fair share of challenges. One of the major hurdles we faced was the intricacies of AI development. Crafting an AI-powered writing tool that could understand context, grammar, and style was no small feat. To overcome this, we collaborated closely with AI experts, invested heavily in research and development, and continuously fine-tuned our algorithms to improve accuracy and effectiveness. Another challenge was ensuring the quality of the data we used to train LexiGenius. We needed vast amounts of high-quality data, especially for different writing styles and niches. This required a substantial effort in data collection and thorough data cleansing. Additionally, we relied on user feedback to help our AI evolve and meet user expectations better.

Creating a user-friendly interface was also a significant challenge. We aimed to strike a balance between simplicity and functionality, catering to both beginners and experts. Achieving this equilibrium involved numerous rounds of user testing and iterative design to ensure an intuitive user experience. Security and privacy were of utmost importance. Safeguarding user data and content was a top priority, and we implemented robust encryption and security protocols to protect user information. We also complied with privacy regulations and maintained transparency in our data usage policies.

What are your thoughts on the role of AI in the future of content creation?

The role of AI in the future of content creation is nothing short of transformative. It’s poised to revolutionise how we approach writing in the 21st century, and tools like LexiGenius are just the tip of the iceberg. First and foremost, AI is set to streamline the writing process, making it more efficient and accessible to everyone. Thanks to real-time grammar and style suggestions, automated proofreading, and personalised content generation, individuals can produce high-quality written content in considerably less time. This boosts productivity and raises the overall quality of written materials. AI is driving a new era of content personalisation. Advanced algorithms that analyse user behaviour and preferences can tailor content to individual readers precisely. Whether blogs, news articles, or marketing materials, the result is a more engaging and relevant reading experience, ultimately enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

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Also, AI’s role in creative writing is expanding rapidly. We’re already witnessing AI-generated poetry, stories, and even music. AI models will collaborate seamlessly with human writers as they evolve and become more sophisticated. This collaboration will extend to idea generation, plot development, and editing, leading to new creative expression and storytelling forms. It’s a fusion of human creativity with AI’s data-driven insights, promising groundbreaking innovations in creative content. AI technology is set to democratise writing, making it more accessible while simultaneously personalising content to cater to individual preferences. It also holds the potential to push the boundaries of creative expression, ushering in an exciting era where human ingenuity collaborates harmoniously with AI-driven insights. The future of content creation is bright and brimming with possibilities in the 21st century.

In your opinion, what are some of the ethical considerations that need to be taken into account when developing contents using AI writing tools?

AI writing tools should be used as aids to enhance creativity, not as shortcuts to copy someone else’s work. Developers must instil a strong ethical foundation in their tools, encouraging users to respect intellectual property rights and produce original content. In the matter of bias and fairness, AI models can inadvertently perpetuate biases present in the training data. Developers must rigorously test and fine-tune their algorithms to ensure that content generated by AI tools is fair, inclusive, and free from harmful biases. It’s vital to address issues related to race, gender, and cultural diversity to create a more equitable digital landscape.

Users should be aware when they’re interacting with AI-generated content. Clarity on the origin of the content ensures transparency and trust in the digital realm. Disclosing that content is AI-assisted or generated helps maintain authenticity.

What kind of feedback have you received for LexiGenius so far?

The feedback we’ve received for LexiGenius has been overwhelmingly positive and truly heartening. Users from various backgrounds, whether they are writers, students, professionals, or content creators, have shared their excitement about the tool. They’ve praised LexiGenius for its exceptional ease of use, ability to enhance their writing skills, and capacity to save valuable time in content creation. Many have highlighted the AI chat assistant as a game-changer in their writing processes, and others have lauded the diverse range of templates and tailored writing options that have made their work more efficient and engaging. Witnessing how LexiGenius has positively impacted our users’ writing experiences and empowered them to effortlessly create high-quality content is immensely gratifying.

What advice would you give to other content creators who are considering using AI writing tools?

When it comes to using AI writing tools, my advice for fellow content creators is to view them as valuable partners in your creative journey. These tools assist and amplify your writing prowess, not replace it. So, don’t be afraid to embrace them as aids that can help you generate ideas, improve efficiency, and elevate the overall quality of your content.

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How do you envision LexiGenius evolving in the future?

The future of LexiGenius is fascinating, and we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what this fantastic tool can offer. Our recent web version launch is just the beginning of our journey. In the pipeline, we have plans to roll out the mobile app version very soon, which will empower users to access LexiGenius on the go, ensuring that inspiration strikes wherever they are. But that’s not all. We’re also exploring adding cutting-edge features to enhance the LexiGenius experience further. One of the exciting features in development is an AI image generator, allowing users to seamlessly integrate visually captivating elements into their content. Imagine having a tool that crafts words and generates stunning visuals to complement your message. Additionally, we’re working on the capacity to upload PDFs and extract text from them, making LexiGenius even more versatile and accommodating to different content needs. This feature will simplify working with existing documents and allow users to effortlessly repurpose and enhance their content.

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The journey doesn’t stop there. We have a treasure trove of ideas and innovations in store for LexiGenius. Expect more advanced AI capabilities, a more decadent array of templates, enhanced collaboration features, and an even more intuitive user experience. LexiGenius is on a path of continuous evolution, and we’re excited to keep pushing the envelope to make it an indispensable tool for content creators, writers, and professionals worldwide. So, stay tuned for a future where LexiGenius becomes an even more powerful ally in content creation and creativity.

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