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Akwa Ibom establishes N100m education fund for students with disabilities

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The government of Akwa Ibom State has established a N100 million Education Intervention Fund aimed at providing assistance to physically-challenged students from Akwa Ibom and other students facing challenges within the state.

Governor Umo Eno made this announcement during a visit by the University of Uyo chapter of the National Association of Students with Disabilities to the Government House.

The governor expressed his commitment to ensuring that these students feel a sense of belonging, emphasising the inclusive approach of his administration.

To ensure proper disbursement, Governor Eno disclosed that the Office of the Accountant-General, Secretary to the State Government, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare would oversee the fund’s management.

The allocated funds will be directly paid to the beneficiaries’ educational institutions, with additional allowances granted to the students following a thorough profiling process.

Governor Otu emphasized the importance of avoiding bureaucratic delays in the disbursement process, noting that the aim of this initiative is to inspire the beneficiaries and enhance their quality of life.

He further explained, “We have established a fund that will be managed by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Women Affairs. The Accountant-General will review it, and the SSG will facilitate it.”

He continued, “We will immediately allocate N100 million to support physically-challenged students in public tertiary institutions. Although it is a modest sum, we may supplement it in the future. The funds have been set aside specifically for these students. The Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Education will verify their enrollment in schools, directly pay their fees to the institutions, and provide a small maintenance allowance.”

Governor Eno emphasised the motive behind this initiative, stating, “Our intention is to inspire and alleviate their challenges. If they aspire to pursue an education, let us cover their tuition fees because they are performing remarkably well, often outperforming their non-disabled counterparts.”

He concluded by highlighting the shared nature of human challenges, stating, “We all face challenges in various ways. I simply want to reassure you that you are not alone. We will work alongside you and offer our support.”

The student delegation was led by Comrade Emmanuel Wisdom, the President of the organisation.

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