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Alumni donate N8m digital innovation studio to UI

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The University of Ibadan Pharmacy Alumni Association (UIFoPAA) Class of 92 has donated a digital innovation studio worth N8 million for training of pharmacy students at the university.

Olanike Olatawura, the project manager and a member of the Class of 92 disclosed this on Wednesday April 12, 2023.

According to her, the project was in response to the call by the faculty at the commemoration of the 30 years of graduation from the university by the alumni group.

“We wanted to give back to ease learning because pharmacy school was not easy by any standard and it was made a lot more difficult because there was not so much digitalisation during our time.

“We thought the digital innovation studio is a good opportunity to give back to make the learning of the present set of students easier,” she said.

Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan, Professor Kayode Adebowale, welcoming the UIFoPAA Class of 92 and members of the Faculty of Pharmacy, led by the Dean, Professor Sunday Idowu, said the symbiotic relationship between the university and its alumni is important, given that alumni and endowments are important sources of funding for sustenance of universities all over the world.

“It is now clear that government alone cannot sustain federal universities. We don’t know the direction which the new government will thread but from feelers we are getting, there is going to be a fundamental change. So it is good for us to be proactive and think ahead,” the VC stated.

While inaugurating the digital innovation studio, the vice chancellor said the university will further complement facilities at the studio as the university recently received 1.2 million digital packs from National Universities Commission (NUC) and free bandwidth to serve the university community, among many other things.

The Director of the Office of Alumni Relations, Professor Peter Olapegba, said his office is working on increasing the data base of the alumni, making the unit of the university more vibrant while coordinating their activities in supporting the institution as well as provide support to alumni of the university.

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