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Anambra state to hold WAEC supervisors responsible for exam malpractices

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Commissioner for Education, Professor Ngozi Chuma-Udeh who disclosed this during the 71st WAEC day celebration in Nise, Awka South Council Area of the state, said such actions would also lead to fines and other punishments on their centres.

She said the decision was among major strategies adopted by the Ministry of Education to combat examination malpractice in the state.

She further announced that all former WAEC supervisors in the State have been relieved of their duties with effect from this year.

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She said, “We want to have a new crop of supervisors and if there is a question of examination malpractice, the particular supervisor will pay the price.

“WAEC’s punishments for examination malpractice offenders should be commensurate with the offence committed and metted out to the right offenders.

“The decision of the Soludo-led administration to combat examination malpractice is informed by the resolve to produce qualitative individuals who would contribute to the development of the State and still be exportable abroad.”

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