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APPLY: 2023 Health Data Analytics Graduate Fellowship

This fellowship will inform the next phase of technology and data analysis innovations/inventions to expand on the MSDAT platform for improved healthcare delivery and monitoring of Nigeria’s health system.
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The Health Data Analytics (HDA) Graduate Fellowship 2023 is now accepting applications.

The purpose of this fellowship is to increase HDA capacity at higher academic and research levels, specifically through the extension of Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) and associated areas.

This fellowship will inform the next phase of technology and data analysis innovations/inventions to expand on the MSDAT platform for improved healthcare delivery and monitoring of Nigeria’s health system.

The HDA fellowship seeks to accomplish the following goals:

Build local capacity for research in health data analytics
Support the development of health data platforms, specifically the MSDAT
Improve the utilization of the MSDAT platform
Use findings to inform Health Information Systems (HIS) policy development
Facilitate the publication of research reports in recognized journals

To be eligible for this fellowship, the individual must fulfil the following requirements;


Must hold an acceptable form of Identification (i.e. an International passport; Drivers’ licence; Voters’ Card, National Identity Number (NIN) card);
Must be a postgraduate student of any accredited University with a valid means of identification;
Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree of at least a 3.5/5.0 CGPA (Second class upper honours) for Master’s students, and at least a Merit or its equivalent in Master’s, for PhD students;
Research goals should be targeted towards improving the Nigerian health system around the following areas:
Data Management
Visual Analytics
Data Mining
Data Integration
Health outcomes
Health financing
Health Workforce
Population and demographics
Health facility service availability and readiness
Health Impact
Advanced analytics
Open data advocacy
Big Data for health
Data demand and use
Statistical modelling of health data
Health Information System interoperability
Artificial Intelligence


The benefits of this fellowship include:

₦1,000,000.00 (per fellow) for postgraduate research (including research expenses e.g. equipment, data collection etc).
Capacity building in research and health data analytics.
Possible job opportunities with eHealth4everyone on completion of the fellowship.
Access to a network of individuals with shared interests.
Mentorship and support from the administering body. This would translate into the provision of reviews and guidance during the course of their research.
Provision of datasets on request.
Note: Funds are to be used for the research work ONLY. Funds would possibly cover textbooks, equipment, publications, and travels (for data collection activities etc). Costs that are indirectly related to the research would need to be approved by the HDA fellowship committee. In addition, results from all HDA funded research will be completely open for use by the eHealth for Everyone Foundation and others. There will be no copyrighting of research.

Application procedure and deadline 

Applications can be completed through the online portal. Application deadline is August 30th, 2023.

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