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APPLY: 2023 Teach for Nigeria Fellowship for university graduates

The Teach for Nigeria Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment in which most outstanding graduates and professionals are assigned to teach in Nigeria’s underserved schools in low-income communities.
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Teach for Nigeria invites exceptional university graduates and young professionals to apply for the 2023 Teach for Nigeria Fellowship. Teach For Nigeria strongly believes that the only true and sustainable path to improving educational opportunities for all children in Nigeria is by channeling and developing Nigeria’s most capable young leaders just like you against the problem of educational inequity.

The Teach for Nigeria Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment in which most outstanding graduates and professionals are assigned to teach in Nigeria’s underserved schools in low-income communities. The Teach For Nigeria fellowship is a transformational leadership program that equips fellows with transferable leadership skills to effect change beyond the classrooms in the communities we serve. Teach For Nigeria ensures that all fellows have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their students towards achievement. 

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship begins with a six-week residential training program where fellows are exposed to curriculum, lesson planning, and classroom facilitation and student assessments among other modules, sessions, and keys to successful teaching. After the fellowship, alumni of Teach For Nigeria build on their classroom teaching experience to drive long-term systemic changes in the educational sector in Nigeria as they progress into leadership roles in their varied professions. 

The Teach For Nigeria model is based on the proven success of 40 country organisations including Teach For America, Teach First UK, Teach For Ghana, Teach For Bangladesh, Teach For Nepal and Teach For India, who are all part of the Teach For All network.

Eligibility criteria

Teach for Nigeria is open to Nigerians who after the program can be a contributing change to education in Nigeria. To apply, all candidates MUST meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • be a Nigerian citizen
  • possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • obtain a minimum Second Class (Lower Division)
  • must have completed NYSC on or before July 2023
  • not more than 35 years old at the time of application

Benefits of Teach for Nigeria Fellowship Programme 

As a Teach For Nigeria Fellow, you are a part of a movement of young leaders working to eliminate educational inequity. In addition, these are some of the benefits of being a fellow:

  • Opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing lives and that will change society
  • Extensive leadership development training
  • Intensive teacher training leading to a postgraduate diploma in education
  • Real responsibility from day one
  • Job and internship opportunities during and post fellowship
  • Opportunity to be a part of a global network of change agents from across 42 countries
  • Access to a 9 month mentoring programme, offering a unique opportunity to achieve professional and personal development
  • Access to professional development and network of supporters
  • Ongoing leadership development, coaching, business training and skills workshops
  • Opportunity to design and implement a social change project
  • A stipend for two years including during the school holidays.
  • About 9-10 weeks of holiday

Application process 

The application process for the fellowship is in three stages.

Stage 1: Application form

Your application will help understand your experiences, your motivation to join the Teach For Nigeria fellowship and why you would be a strong fit for the fellowship.

Stage 2: Online Test

If you’re found a good fit for the fellowship through your application, you will be invited to take an online test.

Stage 3: Assessment center

If successful in your online test, you will be invited to the assessment centre, which is the final stage of the selection process. Here, you will teach a 5-minute lesson, take part in a group activity, and participate in a one-on-interview with our assessors.

Applicants will be informed of the status of their application before the end of the recruitment cycle for the 2023 fellowship.

How to apply and application deadline

Interested candidates can apply through the application portal. Application deadline is April 11, 2023.


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