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APPLY: 2024 Woods Hole Summer Fellowship

Woods Hole Summer Fellowship is a fully funded opportunity designed for students to participate in the last summer of their undergraduate years.
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The Woods Hole Summer Fellowship is awarded to pursue an independent research project under the guidance of a member of the Scientific or Senior Technical Staff. These projects typically are suggested by the advisor, and are agreed upon jointly by both the student and advisor. The advisors make every effort to help the student select and pursue a research project that can provide meaningful results in one summer’s work. Fellows have an excellent opportunity to select and pursue a research project with access to more than two hundred practicing research scientists and engineers and to the facilities of a major oceanographic institution.

Woods Hole Summer Fellowship is a fully funded opportunity designed for students to participate in the last summer of their undergraduate years. All Summer Student Fellows present a mid-summer oral progress report. At the end of the summer, all Summer Fellows are required to prepare a written report describing their research. Summer Student Fellows are also required to make a public oral or poster presentation of their results.

All Fellows are required to attend the Summer Lecture Series as well as the Ethics in Science Workshop. In addition, Fellows are encouraged to participate in the busy summer schedule of seminars and events in the Woods Hole scientific community, which provides an excellent introduction to the many facets of marine science.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the Woods Hole Summer Fellowship:

Students who completed their junior year at universities or colleges are eligible.

Students who will graduate before the fellowship begins are not eligible to apply

Students studying in any of the fields of science or engineering including but not limited to the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, physics, oceanography, and marine policy.

Students must have at least a tentative interest in the ocean sciences, oceanographic engineering, or marine policy.

Members of groups underrepresented in ocean science and engineering are encouraged to apply.

Students in a three year Bachelor’s Degree Program, such as those in the UK, must be in their second year

Students in a five year combined Bachelor/Master’s Degree Program must be in the third year of the programme


Summer Student Fellowship awards provide a weekly stipend for the ten- to twelve-week program. The stipend for the summer of 2024 is $680 per week.
Travel allowance


Required Documents

To apply for the Woods Hole Summer Fellowship, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents;

2 letters of recommendation.
Answers to research statement questions.

Application procedure and deadline

Applications can be completed through the online portal. Application deadline is February 5, 2024.


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