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APPLY: Software Engineering Internship at HealthTracka

The 6-month programme will give you an opportunity to work on different solutions and develop scalable products. You will also collaborate on other smaller projects.
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The Healthtracka Software Engineering Internship is designed to enable individuals to gain hands-on work experience as the foundation of their professional lives. The Software Engineering Internship Programme offers individuals from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, learn and develop innovative healthcare solutions that will impact the lives of customers, partners and businesses.

The 6-month programme will give you an opportunity to work on different solutions and develop scalable products. You will also collaborate on other smaller projects.

You will design, test, deploy and maintain software solutions as you grow and evolve during your internship.


Understand the domain requirements and implementation
Extensively participate in Agile (Scrum) Processes
Develop full stack web/mobile applications using React-Native, React , NodeJs, and NestJS
Understand the cloud deployment functions/deployment using AWS
Run and write Unit tests using Jest, RTL and Cypress
Deliver requirements in a timely manner and work as a member of a TEAM
Demo implementations to Stakeholders


Enthusiastic, energetic and versatile individuals who must:
Be available full time during the internship period
Have mobile and/or web development skills
Have experience in software development and coding in two or more of these programming languages React, NextJs, React Native, NodeJs
Have the ability and readiness to work in a start-up environment
Currently reside in Lagos


As an intern, you will be,

Receiving coaching and mentoring to enable you to complete assignments and projects to develop your learning and skill set
Completing internal projects to deliver customer outcomes and identify business improvements
Learning internal software to assist with the completion of projects and tasks
Supported by a buddy and your manager who will ensure that you have a valuable learning experience
Collaborating with cross-functional teams
You’ll participate in technically focused training, team meetings and work on projects and give proper explanation on particular techniques used to achieve the results
Demo implementations according to requirements

Application procedure and deadline

Interested and qualified candidates can complete applications through the official website. Application deadline is unspecified.

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