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ASUP appeals to Buhari to sign BSC\HND dichotomy bill into law

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The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to sign BSC\HND dichotomy bill into law.

The National President of the Association, Dr Anderson Ezeibe, made the appeal in an exclusive interview with Nigerian Tribune on Saturday March 11, 2023.

Ezeibe stated that executive action is necessary before the president leaves office on May 29.

According to him, the bill is designed to end the disparity between the holders of first degree( BsC) and higher national diploma(HND) certificates in the country.

ASUP maintained that in Nigeria’s employment policy, particularly in the civil service, both the entry and termination levels for the holders of first-degree certificates awarded by universities differ from that of the HND holders, with the former category in a far better advantage.

“President Buhari must not leave the office without signing the bill into law,” he said.

He added that I Buhari leave office without signing into law, it would not only be a counterproductive exercise but a monumental waste of public resources and time.

Ezeibe reminded the president that the bill has been before him for almost two years after its passage in June 2021 by the
National Assembly.

“Buhari not signing the bill into law invariably means that the document will be thrown into the dustbin and except the next National Assembly members would be interested, they will consider it for a fresh debate and then passage to the next president,” Ezeibe said.

He alleged that the president is playing back and front game with issues of public importance just like the one in focus.

He said he could not also understand why the National Assembly members on their part, kept silence over the bill they had already passed to the president.

The ASUP boss emphasised that ending the disparity between the two educational qualifications is long overdue and would certainly boost enrolment into polytechnics.

Ezeibe noted that the disparity has done a great damage to the polytechnic education in the country as many brilliant technical students who would have naturally enrolled to acquire high technical skills and knowledge are running away from seeking admission into polytechnics.

“And this development,” he pointed out, “would continue to affect Nigeria’s education and economic negatively if not addressed and reversed.”

Ezeibe, therefore, urged President Buhari to ensure he makes history by signing the bill into law and officially put to an end all forms of discrimination in connection with the long-existing dichotomy between the holders of both academic certificates, particularly at work places.


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