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AUN appoints DeWayne Frazier sixth VC

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American University of Nigeria (AUN) has appointed DeWayne Frazier as the sixth president and vice chancellor of the institution.

This was disclosed by the governing council of AUN in a statement signed by the executive director, Media and Publicity, of the institution, Daniel Okekere.

Okekere stated that the new president and vice-chancellor is currently serving as the university’s provost at Iowa Wesleyan University in the United States.

According to the statement, Frazier has over 25 years of experience in higher education and has worked in senior administration for 15 years.

Frazier holds a doctor of philosophy (PhD) from the University of Louisville and his undergraduate degree from Campbellsville University, where he graduated with honours.

He is also a graduate of Patterson School for Diplomacy and International Commerce programme on the campus of the University of Kentucky and completed his study abroad at the Imperial College of England during his junior year.

The statement further stated that the chairman of the AUN governing Council (GC), Ben Obi, CON, who announced the appointment, said the board chose Frazier in recognition of his broad experience in business and management at higher academic institutions combined with his energy and youthfulness.

“We wish him good luck as he settles for the work at hand,” he said.

Frazier’s portfolio currently includes the adult and graduate programmes library services, academic support, international education, registrar office, career services, community service and service learning office, and the university academic divisions (Business, Education, Humanities, Nursing, and Sciences).

Frazier serves on the president’s cabinet and is a full professor in the Division of Business. He is the chief academic for the university.

The Iowa Wesleyan University under Frazier’s leadership has increased the enrollment of international students by over 500 percent and has grown the online programmes exponentially.

The sixth president of the university since its founding in 2003, is joining the prestigious technology-intensive institution based in Yola, Adamawa State, at a period of expansion and consolidation in students enrollment and academic infrastructures.


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