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Gift Godfrey

Gift Godfrey is a renowned and esteemed educator, distinguished for her exceptional achievements and expertise in the field of education. As an award-winning educator, highly regarded teacher trainer, and school management coach, she is sought after for her practical training methods, delivering relatable and applicable content that enhances teacher capacity development, school management efficiency, and effective teaching and learning strategies to achieve sustainable learning outcomes.

Gift Godfrey is widely recognized for her thought-provoking sessions, which she has conducted in numerous schools and organizations across Nigeria and internationally through virtual platforms. In 2022 & 2023, she served as a Mentor for the esteemed Teach for Nigeria (TFN) Mentorship program. As the lead consultant and convener of Leadhand Consult, she has provided mentorship and training to over 6,000 educators while offering consultancy services to more than 80 schools in Nigeria.

With a comprehensive range of expertise, Gift Godfrey has worked extensively with schools, individuals, and organizations, covering diverse areas such as workplace professionalism, leadership and management, creative writing, school policies and procedures, curriculum development, teaching critical thinking and other high-order thinking skills, classroom and time management, school improvement planning, school start-up, and students and parents’ seminars, among others. Her extensive experience spans over 18 years, contributing to her depth of knowledge and proficiency in the education sector.

Gift Godfrey holds a bachelor’s degree in Educational Management/Accounting from the University of Port Harcourt and a master’s degree in Education Administration and Planning. Guided by her mantras, “ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE SCHOOL- MAKING EDUCATION BETTER” and “LEARN, LEVERAGE, LAUNCH,” she is passionate about leveraging education to make a profound impact on individuals and society.

At the core of her educational philosophy is the belief that any education that fails to tap into and harness an individual’s potential and bring about positive character development is an endeavor wasted. Through her unwavering dedication to continuous learning and personal growth, she sets an example as an avid reader, inspiring those around her with her passion for reading. Gift Godfrey’s zest for life extends beyond her professional pursuits; she enjoys traveling and engaging with brilliant minds, and her deep appreciation for nature is unparalleled.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gift Godfrey finds fulfillment in her roles as a devoted Christian, wife, and mother. Her multifaceted life experiences and unwavering commitment to educational excellence position her as a remarkable individual, poised to make a lasting impact in the realm of education and beyond.

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