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Distance learning, also known as remote learning or online learning, is a mode of education where students and instructors are separated geographically, often communicating
Reading is a fundamental skill that is essential for academic and personal success. However, for some students, reading can be a challenge, especially for
In the bustling world of education, where every voice vies for attention, there’s a pervasive desire to emulate the success of renowned educators. We
Postpartum psychosis is a severe mental health condition that affects a small percentage of women after giving birth. It is characterized by a rapid
Lions killing zookeepers is a tragic and rare occurrence that can be attributed to various factors.  The recent killing of Olabode Olawuyi, a dedicated
The teacher-student relationship is a fundamental component of the educational experience, influencing not only academic outcomes but also the overall development of individuals. This
Super Eagles won the silver medal at the just concluded AFCON 2023, we conceded the least goals , had arguably the best defensive record
It’s a goal! That’s the rallying cry echoing across the digital arena as we celebrate Safer Internet Day on February 6th. Just like the
The role of home training in shaping students’ academic performance has gained increasing attention. Home training encompasses a wide range of factors, including parental
Welcome to the 10-episode series on my shocking experience as a millennial lecturer teaching Gen-Z students in a Federal University in Nigeria in the
I didn’t like mathematics. In fact from Primary School up till JSS 3, I frowned at the teachers, the textbooks, and the assignments. I
In our daily routines, one often does not put to mind the number calculations or estimations we carry out to ensure we have a
Design thinking, a problem-solving approach rooted in empathy and creativity, has gained prominence across various industries. In the realm of education, teachers adopting the
As students prepare to face upcoming exams, the transition into a new month presents a unique opportunity to fine-tune their approach and maximize their
Child development is the process of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth that individuals undergo from infancy to adolescence. It encompasses the acquisition of
In the world of education and pedagogy, one often encounters individuals who stand out as embodiments of teaching prowess and excellent classroom management. Solomon
The Super Eagles soared to victory against Cameroon, underscoring the profound influence of teamwork and determination in the realm of sports.This triumph on the
There has been a growing debate surrounding the tradition of celebrating birthdays within the confines of the school environment. Many educators and parents argue
In early 2023, I taught a final year course, Forensic Biology. It was my first time of being drafted onto the course as one
The 90’s was awesome. We had brands that literarily got their market named after them, we had brands that were icons, brands that we
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