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Benue SUBEB launches initiatives to enhance public education, reduce costs

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The Executive Chairman of the Benue State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Grace Adagba, has unveiled a series of initiatives aimed at improving educational standards and infrastructure.

The initiative is a bid to enhance the competitiveness of public basic schools and alleviate the financial burden of education on Benue State children.

Grace Adagba expressed her unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between public and private schools during a gathering with the Association of Kunav in Academics, a group comprising her former colleagues and kinsmen from Benue State University (BSU), Makurdi.

She emphasised the importance of Governor Hyacinth Alia’s dedication to basic education, highlighting his unprecedented support in the sector.

According to Emmanuella Akese, the Information Officer of SUBEB, Adagba outlined her achievements since assuming office, including infrastructural developments such as the construction of the Executive Chairman’s office complex, borehole drilling for clean water, landscaping, interlocking of premises, and renovations of seven office blocks at the Board Headquarters. Additionally, a Digital Resource Centre equipped with 50 computers has been established to enhance digital literacy among students.

Adagba also announced plans to train Local Government Education Authorities in electronic financial management to promote efficiency and transparency within the education system.

“I am committed to making public basic schools more competitive with private schools, thereby reducing the cost of education for every Benue child,” stated Grace Adagba, underscoring her dedication to fostering equitable access to quality education.

President of the Association, Prof. Gowon Doki, commended Adagba’s achievements and expressed gratitude to Governor Alia for elevating one of their own. Members of the Association offered prayers for Adagba’s success and pledged ongoing support for her initiatives.

Prof. Iorzer Labe and President of Kunav Sisters BSU, Dr. Franca Jando, praised Adagba’s strong leadership qualities and expressed confidence in her ability to drive positive change within SUBEB.

In a vote of thanks, Prof. Paul Angahar extended gratitude for Adagba’s appointment and invoked blessings for her continued success and preservation.

The initiatives unveiled by Grace Adagba underscore a transformative approach to public education in Benue State, aiming to raise standards, reduce educational costs, and enhance opportunities for all students across the region.

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