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Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon is the author of one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. He is also known as a conman for a lot of reasons. He has had allegations of fraud.
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Napoleon is the author of one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. He is also known as a conman for a lot of reasons. He has had allegations of fraud. There is also a dispute about the authenticity of many of Hill’s claims. Napoleon Hill’s collaboration with Andrew Carnegie was never confirmed. Hill allegedly started making claims of interviewing Carnegie after he had died. Aside from Hill’s writings, there are no accounts of the meeting taking place.

The evidence is lacking for many of Hill’s other claims of meeting other famous men. He claims the photos and endorsement letters from famous men were all lost in a fire.

Napoleon Hill’s other claims are also called into question. He said that he helped President Wilson to negotiate Germany’s surrender in World War I. But there is no known evidence of any such incidence. He claimed he helped F.D.R. write his fireside chats with no known evidence. There are no records of Hill interviewing famous men such as Theodore Roosevelt, etc.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:

Being one of the best-sold books of all time from the self-help and psychology genre, it certainly meets the talk. This book talks about various subjects including how our subconscious mind works against us. A lot of people say it is inspiring, and even life-changing. It is a blueprint of all the characteristics and qualities Hill found in all his subjects.

There was one fact that called out to me the most about the book. Not only did Napoleon observe these great people but he also implemented all these ideas and principles. Only after seeing the results, he wrote about them. He inspires his readers not to accept their situational reality but to make their aspirational desires. Readers often try to find one secret from beginning to end but Napoleon doesn’t talk about it. Instead, he talks about mastering the thirteen principles and once that happens, he guarantees success.

Napoleon also talks about how one of the core things we are cursed and conditioned with is Indecisiveness. He tells us how taking action is better than inaction which is a very important lesson. There are many such great lessons throughout the book which are delightful to read.

How Think And Grow Rich is the ultimate guide to success:

The fact that books can alter the course of one’s mind is undisputed but this particular book talks about how if we don’t plant deliberately chosen thoughts in our subconscious mind, then it will work on the thoughts it is receiving as a result of neglect. This is usually negative.

This book is all about how we should have a definite purpose. It tells us that we can use the power of autosuggestion. Sometimes we already know things and it comes to us automatically. We only have to channel our focus on recognizing it. The author asks us to mix thoughts with feelings. He says positive thoughts attract positive actions. He also tells us about the power and benefits of visualization. This book teaches us to train and program our subconscious mind to achieve our goals and ambitions.

One of the best things about this book which makes it an “ultimate guide to success” is that it talks about the kind of passion you will need to reach your destination. It also talks about being crystal clear on what you will have to sacrifice to get what you want. Hence it is one of the first books that are usually recommended by a lot of people who are trying to grow or become rich.

Reasons why you might not pick this book:

Napoleon wrote this book in the era of the Depression. So a lot of people believe that it might be a little old-fashioned. People believe that finances have become more complex over the years. And thus they might not choose this book.

Another reason that clouds the minds of people is that a lot of other self-help books and financial help books cover topics similar to this one like personal growth, how to manage and increase your finances, etc. This book does not contain any plans or ideas as to how to start something in a specific manner. It just focuses on your mind and being positive.

The first few chapters are slow-paced. Some people may find it repetitive which may discourage the readers as well. But, this book is still relevant to the complicated finances of growing times. The principles there are sound, accurate, and everlasting. Once the book engages the reader, it cannot be put down. The book picks up the pace from the fifth chapter. The narration is fluid and smooth and the author explains his point very well. Overall, this book is a must-read for people who need a pep-talk, someone who wants a casual read, and someone who learns from other people’s success stories.

In “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill offers a blueprint for achieving financial prosperity and realizing one’s dreams. Unlike many other authors in this genre, Hill delivers straightforward guidance, outlining actionable steps for readers to follow. From the outset, Hill sets the tone, emphasizing that his book is not merely for entertainment but should be studied and internalized.

Having revisited “Think and Grow Rich” multiple times, I find its contents consistently relevant and insightful. Hill emphasizes the importance of positive affirmations and visualisations as foundational practices. However, what sets this book apart is its practical approach. Hill doesn’t stop at visualization; instead, he provides readers with a detailed roadmap spanning thirteen chapters, guiding them toward tangible actions for achieving their financial goals.

As someone who has explored numerous self-help books over the years, I’ve witnessed the evolution of concepts like positive thinking and energy, once relegated to the “New Age” category, into mainstream acceptance. Despite the abundance of resources available today, “Think and Grow Rich” stands out as a timeless classic. Many modern self-help enthusiasts, myself included, often encounter references to Hill’s work as a cornerstone of personal development literature.

While books like “The Secret” introduced many to the concept of positive energy, they often fell short in providing practical steps for implementation. Hill’s emphasis on taking decisive action sets “Think and Grow Rich” apart. He stresses that mere visualization is insufficient; true manifestation requires proactive effort.

Hill’s insights are not mere conjecture but are grounded in extensive research and interviews with some of the wealthiest individuals of his time, including Andrew Carnegie. Through Hill’s meticulous study, readers gain access to the “magic formula” that propelled Carnegie to extraordinary success.

At the core of Hill’s philosophy is the concept of desire as the catalyst for achievement. He argues that cultivating a burning desire for specific goals ignites the path to financial abundance. By instilling readers with what he terms “money consciousness,” Hill empowers them to attract wealth and success into their lives.

In essence, “Think and Grow Rich” transcends mere motivational literature; it serves as a practical guide for transforming aspirations into tangible results. Napoleon Hill’s timeless wisdom continues to inspire generations of readers to embark on the journey toward financial independence and fulfilment.


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