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Cartoons inspire young Sudanese to build robots from electronic waste

Since 2013, Jibril has dedicated himself to creating robots using recycled electronic waste.
Moatasem Jibril. [Anadolu Agency]
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Moatasem Jibril, a young Sudanese, is on course to achieve his dream of creating robots using recycled electronic waste. 

As a young boy growing up in Sudan, Jibril was captivated by cartoons that featured inventors and their incredible creations. Inspired by these stories, he began dreaming of building his own robots. Despite living in a mud house in the city of Omdurman, a major city in Sudan, and facing economic hardships that forced him to drop out of university, Jibril refused to give up on his dream. 

Since 2013, Jibril has dedicated himself to creating robots using recycled electronic waste.

Though working with limited resources and a modest workspace inside his family home, Jibril spends his days working odd jobs in the market to earn enough money to purchase the materials he needs for his project. He scours local markets and online sources for discarded electronic components that he can repurpose into robotic creations.

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Image source: Anadolu Agency

While Jibril’s efforts have earned him praise and admiration from those who know him, he still faces ridicule and skepticism from some of his former university colleagues and friends. But he refuses to let their negativity dampen his enthusiasm or undermine his passion.

Jibril’s ultimate goal is to take his robotic creations to the next level, designing micro-precision missiles that can change the world. He believes that anything is possible with determination and persistence, and he hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment.

Despite the challenges he faces, Jibril remains optimistic about his future. He hopes to complete his academic studies in engineering and software fields and secure sponsorship from local or international institutions to help him take his project to the next level. With his unwavering determination and innovative spirit, there’s no telling how far Jibril will go in his pursuit of technological innovation.

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