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Teachers aiming to develop students’ ability to “construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others” need to foster active mathematical discourse in their
Proficient math students understand quantities and their relationships in problem situations. They possess two key abilities: the capacity to decontextualize by abstracting a situation
In the realm of mathematics education, teachers play a crucial role in nurturing students’ ability to make sense of problems and persevere in solving
While there is a notion that Math classes are basically for solving “problems”, the reality is that there are several factors involved in tackling
Ever wondered how mathematics and music dance together in perfect harmony? Well… we’ll uncover some hidden connections between numbers and notes, unraveling the mathematical
In our daily routines, one often does not put to mind the number calculations or estimations we carry out to ensure we have a
In the realm of education, the approach to teaching mathematics has evolved significantly, embracing the concept of fostering growth mindsets among students. Emphasizing the
Mathematics education is a crucial component of a student’s learning journey, but it often garners mixed feelings from both students and educators. The traditional
In our rapidly evolving digital age, new approaches are transforming education, making it more interactive, engaging, and effective. One such innovation revolutionizing math education
In the words of George Polya, “To understand Math means to be able to do math (solve mathematical problems)”. Right from learning elementary Mathematics,
Research has shown that mistakes are important opportunities for learning and growth, but students often regard mistakes as indicators of their own low ability. Students’
I guess you still remember these lines; 60 seconds make 1 minute 60 minutes makes 1 hour 24 hours makes 1 day 7 days
At several instances, there has been a notion that some people are inherently “math people,” possessing natural affinity for mathematics. This belief has led
There’s a huge problem with math education right now! Basically, no one seems to have a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem (is it possible?).
In the third quarter of 2022, a former Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Ministry of Transport, Taiwo Salaam, stated that if the traffic congestion in
Years after years students are subjected to solving questions – textbooks, worksheets, home works, quizzes etc. However, students end up asking what or when
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