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Olusegun Ilori

Olusegun Ilori is a unique educator, an ambassador for the World Math Project, an expert in the use of the abacus, and a lover of numbers.

He has years of experience in the education industry as a progressive stakeholder and a champion for equity in educational quality and quantity. He is a data-driven individual.

A Mathematics graduate from the prestigious University of Ilorin. He has embraced the promotion of mathematics as a tool for critical thinking and problem solving in all spheres of life and human effort due to his PASSION for the subject.

His brief stint as a “Research Associate” in a firm providing business and financial advice gave him the chance to pursue his entrepreneurial ambition and look for tested solutions, which eventually inspired the development of the EDUsynthesis brand. A training, teaching, and consulting organization whose mission is to make mathematics relevant and usable in daily activities outside of the classroom.

Olusegun Ilori has coached thousands of pupils in various schools in Lagos and nearby states in addition to training thousands of instructors across two geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

He has received multiple invitations to platforms where he may reach more instructors and parents because of his clear passion for mathematics and his dedication to developing CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING of the subject.

Among the platforms: Goal-Net International (Effective hacks in teaching Math), The TEA Academy (Math foundation in the classroom), The Education Summit (The Numerate Child), The Centre for Values in Leadership (Mathematics: Understand the Concept, Develop the Method), Teach for Nigeria (Mathematics Methodology).

He is also one of the selected mentors in the “1MT HP Mentor-A-Teacher” program.

He contributes to society as a supporter of educational equity and a participant in a number of charitable organizations dedicated to societal advancement.

In order to reach the unreached in impoverished neighborhoods, Olusegun Ilori founded the Unusual School in 2020 during the COVID-19 total lockdown. His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II awarded him with a special certificate of achievement.

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