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CcHUB unveils 12 promising start-ups for Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship

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Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) has announced the second cohort of start-ups selected for the prestigious Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship.

The announcement, disclosed in a statement on Monday, April 29, 2024, underscores CcHUB’s commitment to fostering transformative EdTech solutions on the continent.

Launched in 2023, the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship at CcHUB aims to empower start-ups driving educational change across Africa. This year’s cohort comprises twelve dynamic companies poised to address various challenges in education, ranging from K-12 schooling to vocational training and beyond.

The fellowship offers a comprehensive support package, including technical resources, advisory services, mentorship, and access to a global network—a vital foundation for scaling impactful educational technologies in Africa.

Nissi Madu, Managing Partner at CcHUB, expressed optimism about the potential impact of the selected start-ups, stating, “Following the success of our inaugural cohort, we eagerly anticipate the contributions of these innovators towards improving educational outcomes in Nigeria and beyond.”

The rigorous selection process attracted a diverse array of EdTech developers, all striving to enhance learning access and outcomes through technology-driven solutions.

Meet the 2024 Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellows:

1. Topset: Bridging language gaps by equipping native speakers with teaching skills.
2. Exam Scholars: Enhancing exam preparedness through a comprehensive testing and learning platform.
3. Data Entry Academy by Accountinghub: Empowering job seekers and small business owners with essential skills.
4. Genti Media: Amplifying African voices through educational audio content.
5. Edusko: Facilitating access to education and affordable financing for K-12 students.
6. Harde Business School Limited: Offering interactive professional development courses.
7. Magic Lab Academy: Empowering Africans with animation skills through online learning.
8. Proud African Roots: Engaging children through interactive African storytelling.
9. Vinsighte Limited: Enabling visually impaired learners to access printed materials using AI.
10. IM FLOW: Fostering personal growth and emotional well-being through social-emotional learning.
11. WIFICOMBAT: Providing customized e-learning pathways for career readiness.
12. Skill Up With Kahdsole (SUWK): Bridging skill gaps and addressing youth unemployment through vocational education.

The partnership between the Mastercard Foundation and CcHUB reaffirms a shared commitment to inclusive growth and social impact in Africa. Joseph Nsengimana, Director for the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning, highlighted the significant impact of last year’s cohort in reaching over 312,000 learners.

Over the next six months, the selected start-ups will receive business support, equity-free funding, and post-program advisory assistance, positioning them for scalable and sustainable impact in Africa’s education sector.

About CcHUB

Founded in 2010, CcHUB is Nigeria’s premier innovation hub dedicated to fostering technology-driven solutions for economic prosperity across Africa.

About the Mastercard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation is a leading global foundation advancing education and financial inclusion for young people in Africa and Indigenous youth in Canada. The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship is an entrepreneurship acceleration program aimed at nurturing promising EdTech companies across Africa, with a vision to reach over 1.8 million learners by 2025.

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