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Christian School Owners Support Removal of Sexuality Education

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The Association of Christian School Owners of Nigeria, ACSN, has declared their support for the removal of the curriculum on sexuality education from what is taught in Nigerian schools.

The group made this known in a communique issued at the end of the general assembly held in Jos, Plateau State.

ACSN noted that the issue of sexuality education was a ploy by the Western world to drag Nigeria into moral decadence.

The association, in the statement, noted, “The Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN) reviewed the position of the Honorable Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, on the removal of the strange curriculum on sexuality education.

“Rising from the Annual General Assembly , the Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN), noted that there is a deliberate and calculated global drive to influence curriculum content in Nigeria in ways that impose value systems alien to us as a people and as a nation in gender and sexuality issues subtlety. “We must assert our rights as a people in a post-colonial context to determine basic and crucial parameters such as curriculum contents in our schools. Under no circumstances should we trade away our rights but rather assert them with all dignity, pride, and grave importance.

“Observed that, determining curriculum contents for our children (0-18 years) who also make up about 50% of the population of the country (i. e. approximately well over 100 million), and for the unborn generation is not only crucial to the future moral compass of Nigeria but also demands the input of parents, schools, and religious leaders.

“Agreed that the sponsors of this poisonous and toxic curriculum having failed in their own society and is currently grappling with the moral failure as a result, are using gullible and highly placed individuals to fund and introduce into the Nigerian Curriculum strange and inimical values that will prevent us from raising our children on issues of purity and virginity.

“The African society can lead the West by proving that we are not just mammals controlled by hormones or instincts but we are humans created by God and have the power of choice.

“We affirm that the societies where this kind of curriculum and funding are coming from are finding it difficult to handle the aftermaths as a society and we do not want to be exposed to the same challenges and repercussions.

“We note very critically that the western concept of family transcends what we know in our cultural values as they include same-sex marriage, civil unions, and other incompatible practices.

“Additionally, some of the learning resources include internet use by children as young as 6 years, videos (not defined) and pictures. It is a way of showing pornography, and pictures of cross-dressers and transgender or “strange” persons so it could be made to become acceptable to our children.

“These things do not tally with our culture and values. We do not want our children corrupted.

“Specifically, we note that what terms like puberty delay, gender (in our country it means males or females but not so in the Western cultures), body privacy, reproductive health, positive and negative values (what is positive in one culture can actually be negative in another), family health (when cultures in the West define family different from ours, how do you define family health in their context?) etc. or acronyms like LGBTQIA, etc

“We are calling on all parents, schools and religious bodies to examine critically the content of any curriculum and reject publicly immoral information even in approved textbooks that are obscene, unnatural and laced with perversion in the name of sex education.

“We need to secure our children’s mind and identity and preserve our cultural heritage from strange ideologies from other cultures that promote strange moral and perverted sex and confused identities. The current comprehensive sex education materials are doing that exactly.

“We unanimously agreed to encourage all parents, schools, and Christian and Islamic religious leaders, to rise to defend our morality from being poisoned by Western ideologies in issues of sexuality- homosexual and transgender ideology in the name of Sex Education or Family Life and Health Education.

“That this is a clarion call on every parent who considers their children as treasures of inestimable value to spend time with children to teach, coach and disciple on issues of character, morality and sexuality. Let us not be deceived we are in an ideological war! Ideas have consequences! Let us not be fooled.”

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