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CSO Faults Job Racketeering Allegation in Fed Poly

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A Civil Society Organisation, CSO, Transparency Advocacy For Development Initiative, TADI, has faulted alleged job racketeering in Federal Polytechnic, Ile Oluji, Ondo State.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Executive Director of the organisation, Yomi David, where the CSO described the allegations as misleading and baseless with intention to misinform Nigerians.

According to the statement, the CSO conducted a thorough and independent investigation over the allegations leveled against the Rector, Prof. Emmanuel Fasakin, but found out that the allegation was not true.

“Our organisation, with the culture of doing diligence at getting to the root of any matter or perceived wrongdoing in any sphere of the society, moved into action to get at the root of the matter in order to establish fact and balance information being released to the public domain.

“In doing this, we put the issue of the allegations at the front burner. We were also mindful of the elements of fake information that might occur in the cause of the said allegations as published by some of the online news publishers,” the statement reads.

“On Thursday November 13, 2020, we visited the institution on a fact-finding mission to unravel facts about the allegations and through our findings, we deployed the instrumentality of the freedom of information act to demand documents that we needed to point out.

“The school management largely obliged by turning in documents that showed that there was no employment done in the school wrongly, as there was no waiver for employment as of the time of the publication.

“In our findings, we observed that the institution needed adjunct staff to fill in the spaces of some of the institution lecturers who were on study leave outside the country, and for the purpose of accreditation and lecturing, a move that did not in any way connotes job racketeering was made,” it adds.

Meanwhile, according to the statement, TADI is fully armed with the report of its findings to “State categorically that the Federal Polytechnic Ile Oluji, Ondo State, is a young institution that is growing very fast both in infrastructures, students population and program designs for optimum output geared towards National development as our findings showed that all resources released to the institution since its establishment had been judiciously tailored to achieve it intended goals.

“We equally want to appreciate the Executive Secretary of Tetfund for fulfilling his mandate towards educational development in the country mostly in the area of infrastructural development in all tertiary institution also want to apply to him for continues funding of our tertiary institution so as to have conducive learning environment,” the statement concludes.

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